2nd Anniversary (Diversary)

Well, two years ago this evening I was laying in a hospital bed awaiting my dinner. Since that morning I went to the ER and was first told those words that those who read these pages know too well, "you have diabetes". Not surprisingly my blood sugar did not come down enough to release me from the ER to home, so I was admitted to the cardiac care floor. The only bed they at the time , not due to any heart related risk. The best part of it was I got a private room, with lots a visitors (mainly those with needles from the lab coming in and out at all hours). So at about 6pm I was served the first food I'd eaten in about 24 hours. Since my Dad had been a type 2 diabetic for a number of years, I was very familiar with the food choices (or lack there of depending on your point of view). After 24 hours, hospital food looked good and even tasted good. When I was weighed in the ER, I had lost 20 pounds from the last time I had weighed myself. As of today, 75 pounds have come off due to the wonders of the low carb diet in order to manage my type 1. It's been quite a journey so far. Never easy, since we are always on point to manage ourselves since our pancreases have decided to take leave of their duties. For now we can be very grateful that medical advances allow us to live fairly normal lives. After all, 100 years ago I very likely would be dead by now. Yes, diabetes is a big deal and commands much from each of us who has it. But we have another day to be a part of our families, communities, etc. Keep up the good work PWD!

You have a Good attitude Norcal. Nice to hear it. Congratulations on your 2nd
D-Anniversary. Bravo!