18.19pm Burning up, body on full defence mode

Thanks for giving it to me
It came on so sudden started sneezing a lot within hoursI was to weak to climb the stairs to bed it was not until the wife came home from work that she managed to get me into bed, that was 2 days ago headaches joint ache tummy ache sweating sneeeeeeezing a lot and generally feeling like death warmed up.

Went to the doctors last friday to have thr dressing changed on my big toe, there were folks there sneezing there heads off so I guess I could have picked it up there or is it a side effect of the swine flu jab I had on the 10th who knows who cares I have it and it is not going to go without putting up a fight.

You would think the cocktail of drugs I take each day for heart failure diabetis prostrate one of these drugs might help my bodys defence.

I do not think it is swine flu the wife had it 2 months ago and it was really bad but I am able to sit up and type this blog, downstairs the kids gandkids are having a birthday party for the wife sheila is 63 and here I sweating buckets my appetite is ok and the symptoms come and go only when I cough do all the symptoms come back with a vengence so coughing is a no no hang on while I sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

Our youngest daughter just popped her head around the bedroom door and said hello ta Patricia, our eldest son is going head to head with Stephen Fry in a competition for best blogger good luck son you have already won in our eyes…