1st time pumper. Animas Ping OR Omnipod?

I saw my doctor yesterday and we talked about the pump. I am currently on the vGo, and it's helping to control my sugars, but it has its limitations (which was a big reason why we talked about getting on the pump.)

My doctor agrees it's a good idea, and she and the diabetes educator gave me information on about 4 or 5 different pumps. After researching, asking around on various forums, and such - I am leaning towards the Ping or the Omnipod.

What are your thoughts?

What is your TDD?
If your TDD is over 50-60 units a day, you would be better off with a 300unit pump.

Medtronic or a T:Slim would be my choice....JMHO

I have used Medtronic, t-slim, Ping and now am on the Omnipod. Been T1D for 20 yrs and pumping for 15. They all basically accomplish the same, but each has its pros and cons. I was on Medtronic for 12 yrs then when it was time for a new one I was able to do a trial run with the t-slim, Ping and Omnipod. The main reason I decided to leave Medtronic was the terrible display and background light. The other ones have much better displays and can be seen very well in all types of light. So after trying all three, I decided to do a "cut the cord" program that Omnipod was offering at the time. Without using my insurance, I paid the small amount the get their PDM. I was disappointed at first because the pods kept deactivating within 24 hours of putting them on. So I decided to let my insurance pay for my second choice, the Ping and really liked many things about it. But I got tired of the tubing and decided to contact Omnipod about the defective pods and they sent me a new box which didn't have that problem. I like having both options and since I live in south Texas I love not having to wear a pump on my body. When I would wear a sundress the pump was difficult to hide and access for bolus. So I am now wearing my Omnipod and it's working great and it's the closest thing to not having T1D in my opinion. It's also nice that the PDM is your meter so you don't have to carry both!

The Accu-chek Combo has a 315 unit cartridge. It also has the remote for doing boluses, if that's important for you (not having to get out the pump to do a bolus). but unlike the Omnipod, you don't have to have the meter with you to do a bolus (I'm always forgetting to take it with me, and I have a separate meter in my purse).

“I am now wearing my Omnipod and it’s working great and it’s the closest thing to not having T1D in my opinion.”

My sentiments are summed up nicely by MamaLou!

John, what does TDD mean? LOL, sorry I'm a noob!

Thank you everyone else for your opinions! Keep 'em coming :)

TDD = Total Daily Dose. Includes both basal (Lantus/Levemir) and bolus (Humalog/Novolog/Apidra). Most pumpers find their TDD decreases by 10% - 20% once they start pumping - keeping in mind that you will only be using one type of fast-acting insulin.


Currently I'm on the vGo 30, which is a disposable insulin delivery device (a step up from the shots, a step down from an actual pump.) I change it once every 24 hours. I currently only use Novolog fast acting insulin.

I encourage you to trial both pumps and see what you like after wearing them for a while. I use a Ping now but have also used Medtronic pumps and the Omnipod.

I had a bad experience with the Omnipod but since I took advantage of a special offer, I preserved my ability to select another pump that the insurance would pay for. There are lots of happy Omnipod pumpers here, it just didn't work for me.

I love the flexibility of a pump. I've been on one pump or another since 1987. And I don't mind the tubing. In 27 years of pumping, I may have pulled out maybe three or four infusion sites with snagged tubing. It's not a big deal to me.

Thanks! How do you get a trial pump of the ping? I just used the trial omnipod and it was alright (kind of use to something similar, as I'm on the vGo.) The only thing I wasn't crazy about is it's more bulky than the vGo,and of course I worry about the pod falling off or getting knocked off (I tend to be a bit clumsy, lol)

I'm not sure about the options to trial the Ping. Have you asked Animas about that? At a minimum, you could use any no-questions-asked-money-back-period (30 days?) as a trial. It only makes sense that if you make a 4-year commitment to their pump, you should get a chance to try it out.