2019 Does your Unomedical Inset leak like mine?

I know this is unrelated to the original thread, but I’m in a similar situation since all our PCs run on Linux, and we’ve converted just about everyone we know, so can’t just borrow another computer. Do you know what an emulator and/or virtual machine are? I know very little about Macs, but I do know emulators exist for them. Emulators basically allow you to run an isolated version of a different operating system inside your current one. It’s how I’m able to trick Tandem software uploaded/device updater even though I use an unsupported operating system.

We use ones called VirtualBox, which also works on Macs, I guess. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with Mac specifics, so you’d have to do your own research. I just wanted to make sure you know that option exists if you want those connectivity perks.

The fact that the Tandem updater only works on Windows and Mac is super frustrating to me as I too only have Linux computers at home and at work. Actually some people have Mac or Windows, but it is kinda weird to request someone let me use their computer to update my pump.

I attempted to use WINE for it, but soon found out that there is no USB device enumeration support with it, so the pump will never be detected. I could probably use a virtual machine like you, but I don’t have a copy of Windows or Mac OS to use with it.

To the original post though, I have on very rare occasion had an actual site or cartridge leaking. Otherwise it has always been from poor absorption.

You don’t actually NEED to activate Windows. You can tell it you don’t have a key during installation. Windows makes it annoying as all get out with reminders and a flood of popups over time to authenticate, but it’s mainly cosmetic. They’re no reason you can’t run the Tandem software on an unauthenticated copy of Windows, then continue to ignore it until next time it’s needed.

I’d try a different emulator. My husband is the Linux geek, I’ll gave to ask him his preferred emulator right now. I think we’re using ToyBox.

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Hey thanks for that info. Where do you get the Windows copy, just downloaded somewhere? I know it used to require a key to install so interesting it doesn’t anymore.

And yes, please let me know what he has to say about the emulators. I know WINE is the main one and most of the others out there are based on it, so if there is one where USB actually works that would be interesting to try as I would prefer not to have to use Windows (or Mac) at all.

You can download Windows 10 right from their website. They let you try it now, and badger you later to pay for it. Just make sure you download it onto a flash drive, not the hard drive.

You could also partition your hard drive and just actually install Windows onto one of the partitions, but I’d be very cautious of that. Windows likes to corrupt the boot process somehow and screws up the ability to load linux again. Everytime we run the Windows partition we have to fight with this mess:

Edit, I was right the first time. VirtualBox is the emulator we use now.

I’m having scarring issues with my abdomen similar to what @mfg52lada reports but without leaking (I haven’t seen that in 30+ years). For the last 10 days I’ve been using my upper thigh with reasonable success. I’m male with muscular legs and I work out regularly. I didn’t think it would work, but I used my thighs when I was on MDI many years ago so I decided to give it a go. 10 days doesn’t prove its a good long-term solution but I’ll press on. I’m also considering the back of my leg.

There is no ‘magic’ one-size fits all infusion sets. Another’s success with a particular set doesn’t mean their right for you. You should get samples of all the different infusion sets available for your pump and test them yourself. I’m doing that right now.

Do you think you are placing the insulin cannula into muscle? I worry about contracting muscle kinking a cannula tip.

If I could use my legs, that would open up a whole lot more possibilities.

I had the same concerns, but they don’t seem to be true for me. I was certain after running and lifting the site would be dead. But so far, no issues. They do only last two days, and kinking might have something to do with it. But if it is linking, it’s not severe enough to trigger an occlusion alarm.

I have my fingers crossed that the last 10 days aren’t just dumb luck. My abdomen needs a rest.

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Yeah the newer editions of Windows are designed to mess up your boot configuration so that other operating systems don’t work well. They really really want you to use Windows and nothing else…

Thanks a bunch for that info! I am very familiar with Virtualbox and VMware, so using them is no problem. Technically those are not emulators, so unlike Wine, which despite its name standing for “WINE is not an Emulator” is pretty close to an emulator, a virtual machine will have full hardware usage of the host system. If I knew I could get Windows for free now (without a sketchy BitTorrent lol) I would have went the VM route.

This is definitely way off subject, so I’ll leave it at this, but I think it is really good info for people to know so worth going a bit off topic.

My total daily dose is 65 as of today. It was 55 a year ago.

Over the past month I have done some experimenting and have determined that: 1. I leak on the 3rd day of my inset usage, but a few times, not at all. 2. Location on my body makes little difference, but higher up away from waist leaks less often. 3. The 9mm cannula leaks twice as much and twice as often as a 6mm cannula. 4. If I double wipe using two alcohol swabs it leaks less. Resultant corrections I am instigating: 1. Use 6mm cannulas. 2. Wipe twice using 2 alcohol swabs. (I must be a greasy person) 3. Switch to Auto Soft 90s when I run out of my existing insets. 4. Switch back to Medtronic as soon as the warranty on this Tandem T:Slim X2 pump runs out. I want to thank ALL of you for suggesting a great variety of possible causes. I just (finally) got the ‘O kee dokey’ to update the programming on my pump, via my 64 bit Catalina operating system on my Mac Book Pro. Been waiting since Feb 11. Two hours after I emailed every contact I had for tandem via the same email and stated times and dates and who I contacted each time , I received my 'Access Code", did the video learning experience: Missed one setting, not mentioned in the videos: found it the next day. All is good now. On Sunday, yesterday, I contacted the 24/7 support phone number and was transferred via computer generated phone system to web pages beginning with either //:Tandem or had ‘supporttandem’ in the title. The support website I was told to investigate for the FAQs was no longer associated with Tandem. I never talked to a real person from those phone calls. I left three or 4 messages with my phone number and name on each of the messages I left throughout the system in California. Their message stated they open at 6:00am PST. It is now Monday, next day. No calls yet. I understand the situation world wide and am not complaining, just informing. Have a good life each and every one of you. There is nothing us humans cannot overcome…'cept maybe our own death. :slight_smile:

This is my last word on leaking insets. I have tried all the suggestions provided, plus a few from others outside of this site. These are my conclusions. I used Medtronic insets for 5 years. I never had a leaking inset. I switched to an Animas pump. I do not remember the manufacturer of the insets, but I had maybe three leaking insets in the 5 years I had that pump. I want to say those insets were made by Unomedical, but I am not sure. I now have a Tandem Pump and was using the Tandem XC Autosoft insets. I had at least one out of every 10 leak. I switched to the Tandem Autosoft 90 and at first I had maybe 1 leaker every 20 insets. It has now increased to 1 leaking inset every 10 insets. It happens on the end of the second day or the beginning of the third. I believe there is a design or adhesive fault in the insets that results in failures. I have always used a 6mm non metal cannula and a 23" inset. I will continue to use the Tandem Autosoft 90 and deal with the loss of insulin and excessive inset changes. Thank you ALL for your assistance. A wise man/woman knows what she/he can change and does, and can’t change and learns to enjoy life, not attempting to correct or worry about what they cannot change.