2020 "low profile" belt clip

I’ve been on an Animas 2020 since June 26 (just over two months) and I’ve broken my SECOND low profile belt clip. Any ideas? I got a replacement from my pump rep when the first one broke. I’m going to call the pump support line to see if they will send another one for free (I’m not going to pay the $20 they have them for sale at their website).

Anyone else having problems with the belt clip?

That sucks that it keeps breaking! I’ve never had a problem with mine and trust me…it has taken a beating!

Hi Andy,
I have used the metal clip that came with my pump. It isn’t the best but like you, I have a hard time spending more, esp. when the clips break just through normal use. I have an additional clip from Animas but it keeps falling off my belt.
I know others use a pouch or other device to conceal the pump. I like being able to bolus without feeling like I’m undressing just to get to the machine.
I keep looking for something else but have not found anyhting yet.

I LOVE the low profile clip, in fact it was a deal breaker for me when I got the pump b/c I refused to go with that huge plastic bulky contraption of a clip. the problem with the low profile clip is that there is very little give, if it were hinged somehow that might help. Not much help to you though, sorry!

I’m late in replying, but for what it’s worth I didn’t have clip problem but a pump problem: snagged the clip on something and it chipped some of the ceramic housing on my pump. Animas sent me a new pump right away, at least!

This is a pretty late reply, but anyway…

I had a problem with my clip when I first got my Ping. I used the low profile clip, but I guess I got a defective one, because it didn’t completely snap into place. So when I would sit down, it would get dislodged and the pump would fall off. Eventually it took a spill out of the car and onto concrete, scratching up the pump pretty badly. I called customer support, and not only did I get 2 new clips, but a brand new pump! I’ve got nothing but good things to say about their customer service.

same here, Animas customer service is fantastic =]

did you evere get a new low profile belt clip for free for what did they say about it i am on the 2020 to and i have just gone there my second low profile belt clip and wating till i need supplies to buy a new one. the same thing happedn to this one but this time it evre loser i can twices the hole pump around on the clip i afraid it my fall off some time soon

I’m on my second clip too. THey replaced it no questions asked, they just wanted the old one back for analysis. they sent the preaddress shipping envelope.

I have also had a clip fall apart, and I bought a new one. I notice that the reason that it may be spinning is that you have to tighten the screw on the back. Use a small phillips (star) screwdriver. I find that I have been using a cell phone case for the pump. It offers some protection, and is still “low profile”.