Low Profile Clip Falling Apart

Is anyone having problems with their low profile clip coming apart? I have gone through 3 in a year and I never had that problem with my original clip that i got about 2 years ago. I finally broke it by stepping on it by accident. However, the last 3 that i have had have come apart, not crack or chip. Simply the screw holding it all together came out and I cant figure out a way to put it back without breaking it. Anyone else having problems with their clip breaking or falling apart?


I had the same thing happen to me. The clips are only warrantied for 3 months. When the screw fell out of mine, I put it back in then used that bonding material to cement it in place (two tubes, one white one black. Mix small amount of each together until gray then apply). You can pick the stuff up at any hardware store for a couple dollars.

I also had one of the connector fins just snap on me. I was told the clip was designed like this to break-away in case it got caught on something.

I have only once, the screw loosened and fell out. Usually where my problem is that it would get caught on something and the pump would come off the clip, rounding the “corners” of the piece that slides into the back of the pump. I was able to fix the loose screw issue with monkeying around with my hobby tools (R/C Modeling) and some Loc-tite. I used the blue loc-tite because I had it but you could use the red. The difference? Red is meant to be permanent the blue is not. It can be tricky to line up the screw and start threading through the clip. Good luck

I hate the clip that comes with the Ping - is that the one you are talking about? Aside from not having the option to turn the pump horizontal, the black coating has chipped completely off and left sharp edges, and the screw has gotten really loose so the whole thing kind of rattles when I walk. The replacement is $20! I think this is much to high for a small chunk of metal…

yeah, they fall apart all the time. I’ve gone through 2 in past four months…

I keep my Ping in a CO-25 pouch from http://ripoffs.com/security.htm. It has a metal clip and is a great case. I keep the Animas belt clip facing out to protect the pump from bumps and bangs.

The clip was the first thing I got rid of - didn’t take long, either. There’s nothing like a sharp edge digging and rubbing into my side. No. Not for me.

Hi Jay - so you still use the Animas clip with this pouch? You use both? The animas clip to attach to this pouch and the pouch clip to attach to your pants?

I keep my pump in my pocket with the clip attached to my pocket facing out - this way it stays in place in my pocket. Plus then at night when I’m wearing pajamas or whatever, I can clip it on as needed. But you’re right, the metal can really dig in if right on your skin…

Yup! I go through one literally every 6 months. The little sqaure part usually ends up breaking and making the clip wiggle and then the screw comes out and it’s time to buy another :frowning:

The belt clip has a 3 month warranty according to the documentation that came with it. To sleep, I place the pump in a baby sock and pin it to my pajamas, I do not use the clip at night or if I’m just around the house. If I go out, I use the clip. If I do go out and am going to a place where I think the pump clip may be in harms way, I use this case to save me from having to buy a new clip.

You might try this. I only use my clip at night or when showering/swimming. I use a cell phone case the rest of the time.

Sorry the pictures are so large. I only use my clip for showering, swimming or whhen I go to bed. Other wise I use the cell phone case ( above Pictures). The case also protects the unit and the tube. Hope this helps.

Thanks for all the suggestions people! Its just annoying that Animas wont replace the clips when it probably costs them a 1$ to make. I feel that their customer service has not been as good as it use to be in past years. I emailed them about this situation and I got a emai reply that a customer representative would get back to me within 24 hours. That was 3 weeks ago…

If it’s any consolation when I was on a medtronic pump I had to frequently replace their version of a low profile clip due to it falling apart also. Similar warranty offered.