I broke my belt clip!

I finally found the perfect spot for my Animas Ping, and what did I do? Got it caught on the seat getting into my car and snapped the darn “low profile clip” right off. Guess it wasn’t such a “perfect spot” after all :slight_smile: Anyway, I contacted Animas and it’s twenty dollars to replace it! I’ve been looking around and I can’t find it anywhere else online. Anyone else ever done this and if so, do you have any idea where I can get it cheaper? It’s called a “low profile clip”. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure you have to get a new one from Animas, those clips and holsters are generally made specifically for that pump and not really a ‘retail’ market item.

Hi Cassie,

Same thing happened to my Minimed clip the day after I got my pump… I got a bit luckier and my replacement was only $12… but still very frustrating.


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Hello Cassie,
I have broken my belt clip on my minimed 3 times. They replaced it the first time. After that they charged me 16.95 a pop. The last time it broke the little latch inside the clip where it ratchets around and I epoxyed it and have been using it ever since. I also went to Hobby Lobby and bought some material, two belt clips, and some velcro and went to a seamstress I know and showed her what I wanted and she made me two pump pouches while I was waiting. I can take the pump out of the plastic holster, drop it in one of the pouches, clip it to my belt loop and go. Don’t know if this helps or not. You can also buy the “Leg Thing” and the “Thigh Thing” and there’s all kinds of pouches that are similar to the ones I had made.

I find puttin my pump in a baby sock and putting it in my bra, or I use diaper pins and pin it to my pj’s works also.

And then there’s Spibelt.com for pumps, cell phones, keeping anything handy around your waist. Trudy

I sometimes use a cell phone case but without magnet because I’m not sure about the effect of the magnet on the pump. The tubing exits the case through the hole for the cell antenna. My minimed belt clip was replace by minimed each time it brokes while the pump was on the warranty.

These belt clips are cheap at best. I have broken two since October. Of course, they break a week out of warranty. Not a huge deal, but at $20 a pop, I kinda wish they were designed a bit better and stronger

Broke mine last week…luckily I’ve only had it for a couple months so they replaced it for free. Not sure where to buy cheaper ones.

Those clips really are crappy too! They should have a strong spring in them so you can easily clip them.

i use a cell phone case i got at a discount store for $5. i hated the animas one and never used it. just went to BigLots and started sticking my pump into cases until i found one i liked that fit. and then i bought a few of them for backups because they were so cheap