21 hours without diabetes!

Okay, so for any of you who don’t know I am a Christian and proud to always speak on God’s behalf. For a while, though, I haven’t been fully commiting myself to Him and His works and have really felt left behind because of it. Well, on Sunday at church I decided to recommit my life to Christ. For that entire week I had been running really high even with the pump, but I could not for the life of me find anything wrong with my insulin, line, set, or pump! So, Monday night (last night) I really felt like I needed to truly put my faith in God. I did and He told me to basically prove it by removing my pump. My bg was at 222 and I took no insulin for it before or after removing my pump. I just trusted in God and went to sleep. Well, I woke up 4 hours later and checked my sugar, which should have gone up right? Nope! It went down to 143 which by the way means “I love you”>>>you got chills didn’t you? SO i knew I was in the right hands and that putting so much faith in a pump and some doctors was not the way to go. Well, when I woke up the next morning I was at 136 and all I kept hearing was the word “hope” running through my head over and over again! Okay, change some of 136 around. What did you get? 316? As in John 3:16 the verse of hope. Chills again? Needless to say I was psyched. I couldn’t believe that I could be going down without insulin for 12 hours, but I was! And, actually, I could believe it I was just a little shocked. He is incredible let me tell you. So, for the exciting part…I decided to keep my pump off and wait for His sign. I prayed and let Him know that even though His will may only allow me to be free for one night, it would not change the impact it made on my life. Boy, one night was not what I got! I didn’t have my pump connected for 21 hours today. No insulin, not even through breakfast! Sound crazy? Well, it shouldn’t and now I see that. I had no reason to not believe that God couldn’t work such incredible miracles. He is the great I AM! So, even though it only lasted a day and you may not believe this, I pray that you look into your heart and from there reach out to Him. He may not heal you or even give you a day off, but He will change your life in so many incredible ways. You just have to call out to Him.


Hi Tammy! I’m glad that you had a good experience to revitalize your faith! Though I must admit, I am ALSO glad that you reconnected your pump. I am a person of faith and I truly believe the expression “God works in mysterious ways”. I think so many things are beyond our understanding. But I can tell you that in the past five years, I have had a few very moving experiences where I felt that God was working THROUGH my diabetes. Because of this, I never pray for God to take my diabetes away or to make me independent from insulin. Instead I pray for God to give me the strength to manage what I need to manage and to make the most of everything that God puts on my plate. For me, this is true faith. Not wishing away what we find difficult, but praying for God to help us use our struggles for good. This is why I am glad to hear that you reconnected your pump and don’t expect God to heal you. It’s SO important that you still accept your diabetes. I pray that God will work through that as well! :slight_smile:

Amen to what Mrs. Kristin said!

Tami, I admire your complete trust and faith in Christ! That is soooo cool! And WHAT an awesome story to share! I loved it. Thank you for sharing it!

I agree with Kristin. I feel that faith is very important and I believe that trust and faith in God helps so many people through tough times. I also believe that other people reading this post should not feel encouraged to remove their own pumps to see if they can duplicate your experience. It’s that whole “your diabetes may vary” philosophy, and while this experience did not appear to harm you physically, it is not a good idea for a person with diabetes to remove themselves from their medication without consulting their doctor. Sharing our experiences is important, and so is our health.

We officially agree 100% with the comments previously made by Kristin and Kerri about this matter.

Oh, well I have fully accepted having diabetes, and it was never about being healed. The whole situation came about as a test of my own faith and not God’s ability to heal me. Although I do feel very blessed to have received such a miracle, I always knew that it was just one of God’s many ways to reveal his power and glory to me. I could feel all along that it was the absolute most incredible thing I have ever experienced. I knew in my heart that He did not mean for this miracle to last except to show me how awesome He truly is. The whole experience came about after my recommitment to Him and my need to show Him how faithful I am. I hope no one will take from this anything but God’s glory, and I really hope no one just assumes God is willing to heal them. When I spoke about one of the readings and how I immediately heard the word “hope” in my heart I knew that this was not meant to last. He not only used this miracle to test my faith and prove His power but to remind me that even in the toughest of moments and when all my diabetes related worries are in my face that He will be there, no matter what. So, I hope that everyone, even if you will not be healed for any period of time, will put their faith in God and relish in the hope He provides.
Thanks you all for being so supportive. You will all be in my prayers, and I hope you all continue to search after God’s own heart so that you can see His will for your life.

amen Tammi … indeed the same event happened to me today ( and it was the reason of searching the blogs for christian diabetics ) , I prayed so mush for my D and today i ate my breakfast , launch and dinner without insulin and bgl kept under 220 while it should be above 400 !! i consider it a primary sign the in Jesus we all had been healed :slight_smile:

You have been a Type 1 for less than two years, thus you likely have some residual beta cell function left in your pancreas. Also, injected insulin can work to lower your blood glucose for several hours after it is injected or the pump is turned off. I understand you have religious faith in a deity and you believe this faith to some extent sustains you, but it is dangerous to remove your pump and depend on magic to control your blood glucose if you are a Type 1 diabetic. No one should do this, no matter what sort of religious faith one has. Did you test yourself for ketones? DKA can sneak up on you and once it is there, it doesn’t just go away. I am glad you escaped unscathed, but please do not do this again, for your own sake. All it makes me think of are those poor kids whose parents deprive them of insulin and rely completely on religious faith to sustain their child- which inevitable ends in the death of that child.

I am curious as to why you think the same deity that you believe controlled your blood glucose for a few hours let every Type 1 die a painful, protracted death prior to the discovery of insulin.

I just left you a comment about this matter on your profile page.


I just want to say to everyone who reads this that this is a testimony to what the Lord did for me. This was not about healing, this was not a test, this is NOT something I want anyone else trying. The Lord needed to show me something and this is how He did it. Please do not think this is anything more than a one day testimony to the Lord’s work in my heart.

Take care of yourselves. I believe in the power of healing, but God wouldn’t have given us this if He didn’t have a purpose for it. Let your hearts resignate on His purpose, not healing.