God's angels are around me..Hypo but PROTECTED

And I am ever thankful to Him for His protection. Just this morning…I inadvertently overtreated a high(188) upon arising at 6.a.m( did not use the bolus wizard,do not know WHY NOT?)…Went to the computerllooked at several sites; did not eat breakfast, nodded off, so I laid down for what I thought would be a breif nap;I woke up 3 hours later to shakes,sweats and confusion… I knew I was critcally low. I could not get to my feet, and my vision was blurred. When I get that low…( Probably in the low 30"s from how I was feeling,) I could not get to the glucometer because standing up and moving was so difficult. I knew I had to do something…All of a sudden the doorbell rang…I shouted" I am here"!, but I could not move. It was my gardner/lawn mower person and friend. I could barely answer him when he called my name. I shuffled to the door, holding the walls and furniture to keep from falling. When I opened the door, I could barely speak. He kept asking me questions… I told him I was sick, with a low blood suga,r and needed help. I ambled to the kitchen where ther was full bottle of glucose tabs on the table. I mumbeled “get that…” and pointed to them, not even able to verbalize their label. AI shuffled to the kitchen table and the chair, but couldn’t ( wouldn’t/) sit doown. He kept asking me if I wanted to sit down, but Icould not anwer any questions. I just leaned aginst him to keep from falling,he held me up but could not soeakand had slow reponse time. After much prodding and questioning I gave him my first cousin’s number and he called him on the cell… I ate 5 glucose tabs ( no point in checking sugars and wasting time aat this point) and was ushered to the living room sofa. He called the squad, much to my protests. I was begnining to immediately feel better…I talked to the gentlemen on the phone and told then that I had treaated the low. They said they were around the corner and were coning anyway… 6 paramedics appeared at my door, as I fidgeted, looking for the test strips…I, of course was my usual vocal self by then…I thanked them for coming but asured them I did not need a hospital trip… I showed them the glucose tabs and glucometer,.I assuring them that my blood glucose was on the rise. I said , that I had had diabetes for 43 years, and that I did not want to go to the hospital for furhter treatment. I tested and it was 62. They said that they agreed with me, took my blood pressure ( an unusual 138/70;), asked me identifying info to make sure my brain was clear, and Had me to sign off that I refused hospital transport). .
My gardnender was relieved… It must have been so scary for him to see me weak, incoherent, and immobile. I thanked him so much for looking after me. He left and then in about 5 minutes my cousin came over and watched while I ate brunch :two slices of turkey bolgna, a carrot’ chai tea and 1/2 cup of left-over TimHorton potato soup. I felt so much better then!!!

I am so constantly amazed that whenever I have a disabling low, God always sends someone to help me… He always takes care of me in my hour of need. Just like in the fall when a former roomate just happened to have stopped by, unplanned, while I was home alone on the floor with a blood sugar of 22… I do not believe this is serendipity nor luck.: Even though I am now retired form the school system, I apparently have another season of things to achieve and others to help. HE (GOD) ALWAYS’‘HAS MY BACK’’!!! Nertheless, I am going to have to use that sound mind He has given me and (1) wear my CGMS and (2) stop it with those rage bolluss guesstimates. I hate starting the day out of range,but that is n o xcuse to be foolhardy. As I have said before, insulin is both life-saving and lethal; and walking that tightrope is a 24/7 challenge.

So grateful to be alive, well , and happy today!!

God bless,

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Brunetta, I am so glad that you got help, and I am glad that you are logical and rational about your diabetes care. I know this is the wrong quote, but “God helps those who help themselves?” You get the picture! :slight_smile:

Burnetta, I’m so glad that He sent someone to help you in that time! I know HE’S sent many a ppl when I go low to save me . Those disabeling lows suck (sorry but I could get worse when it comes to talking about those lows)

Brunetta, I am also glad you are OK. That sounds like a horrifying experience. As I am sure you know, take extra care and caution for the rest of the day and tonight.

Thanks angelic Tudiabetes friends Natalie, Doris, and Capin10. Means so much to me that you are all so concerned and so compassionate as part of the Tudiabetes family… I am ok now and feeling fine…

God bless,

I just came on and read what happened to you. I get those lows frequently and I know how you feel. It is very scary when you are alone. G-d was looking out for you this morning. I am glad the gardener came to your door when he did. He was G-d’s angel for you today. Stay well.

AMEN Brunetta, thanks for sharing! God is so good and never fails us!!

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I’m so glad you are ok, you wonderful woman! And please don’t blame yourself. Sometimes the D just has a mind of its own!

Brunetta, glad the gardener turned up when he did, what luck. I can just picture him with wings and a halo in full angel rig, but in truth that is what he was. Hugs, Maureen

thanks Tufriends and family:, Catlover, LilMama, Zoe, Pastelptinter. I am awake with a normal fasting blood glucose 86; and getting ready to start a new day. Hope yours is blessed and wonderful!!!

Wow! What a hair raising adventure!! I’m glad your gardener arrived to help you!!

B- The universal power is so perfect. !! I woke to this and felt so connected to you. Happy you are ok. Last nite i experienced a 275 high after dinner n was awakened by God at 230am with a 52 !! I can relate to the fear and i too was alone. We r blessed each day w life. I am reminded by your post and grateful for it and for you, my friend!!

I am so happy you got a wake-up call from the Master!!! Great to hear from you…

God Bless


Never a dull moment… I say you call Dr Faustman now and tell her what happened.

Wish I had a relationship with her like that ,my friend !!! She will answer commments oin her Facebook page relating to her research ,however. But this happened back in June, so It is wikk not bother her with that little diabetes escapade… How are you today ?Gary… Hope you are feelling fine.

God Bless,

I am working on not getting anymore of those super -low situations… and so far so good!!Thanks for sharing and caring, Lots.

Gpd Bless,

So far, so good is great Brunetta!

I’m glad that everything worked out and am especially happy that you are going to stop putting the Lord to the test even inadvertently. Being more self-protective and careful is a very good thing.

God bless,


XO…Happy you are okay.

BRUNETTA! I am sooooo amazed too. My brother in law is also a type I and my sister in law can tell you MANY stories of similar cases.
I need to tell you what happened to me last night.My cell phone battery was running low and it was in my purse on my dresser.
A strange alarm went off on it. I ignored it the first time. Then it happened once more. I looked at the clock and saw it was 12:30am. I quickly thought of Mary and ran upstairs to check her sugar. It was over 480. I thought WOW something is wrong, I had her basals all figured out. I checked it again to make sure and it read 398. I then saw that her tubing was all twisted tight. I have no idea how it got that way, but I unscrewed the chamber and had to literally uncrimp the tubing. I gave her a correction dose and fell back to sleep. I woke up @ 7:00 am and check her sugar. It was 118.

The funny thing is, the cell phone never alarmed again after the 2nd time. I knew God’s hand was in it! Praise Him!
And I am so glad you are OK. God Bless. Make sure you eat in the morning!!