An Update!

I posted in April about finding out I was four weeks pregnant, and now I am 19 weeks pregnant. I wish I could say that everything has been going smoothly, but it hasn't. I see my perinatologist every two weeks with regular phone calls to their nurse twice a week to report my sugars and my high risk OB once a month. I had to have laproscopic surgery two weeks ago due to ovarian torsian caused by a cyst, and they removed the cyst and my ovary. My sugars haven't been too bad, I have a few highs throughout the weeks (as high as 285 once) but my doctor assures me that as long as I maintain consistent control and the highs are few and far between then everything will be okay. I cannot believe how advanced the ultrasounds are at my perinatologist! They measured the spine and listened to a blood vessel in the baby's stomach. They were able to tell me that at this point she (it's a girl) is just as healthy and normal as a baby with a non-diabetic Mom. :)

I had highs here and there too, they won't hurt you or the baby one bit. How exciting it is to find out what you are having and that she is normal and healthy. Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes well and you and baby are happy and healthy. Diabetic pregnancy is a lot of extra work on top of the work to control Diabetis, but as soon as you hold your baby it is all worth it in the end.

God Bless,


Congratulations! Listen to the doc because it sounds like s/he's telling you that you're doing a great job :) and yes... the scans are cool!