Happy 2 years, Diabetes!

On Saturday December 11, I quietly celebrated my 2nd anniversary with diabetes.

I can honestly say that through all the lows and the highs, the broken QuickSets and malfunctioning insulin pumps, the nights where I couldn't sleep because of my fear of going low, the evil pump sites that suck blood and more, it's worth it. The people I've met, the outlook I have on life and the experiences I've had are all because of diabetes. Sure, sometimes it's hard to see it that way, when everything seems to go wrong, but when I looked back on these two years, I wouldn't have wanted to spend them any other way.

I have amazing friends. They know when to help me and when to not mention diabetes. They truly know how hard it is and they're always there to celebrate things like good A1Cs or to support me after a bad low. They're just.. amazing!

Take this past weekend for an example. In the middle of quartet rehearsal, I went low. I had two juice boxes with me, that in half an hour were gone and I was still stuck at a shaky 70 mg/dl. My friend's mom was carpooling and had the other juice boxes in her car. My best friend called her mom right away, but while they were on their way, my only source of sugar was from the jar beside the coffee pot in this church we rehearse in. I was clearly not okay, and my best friend stuck beside me, eventually raiding the church's kitchen and finding some apple juice because I was still pretty confused in my low state. She gave up a ton of rehearsal time to make sure I was okay. :)

My diabetic friends are also amazing. They know what it's like, and even if they don't live close, they're only a text message away. I wouldn't have diabetic friends without diabetes camp, which is heaven on earth and a second home to me.

My family is one of a kind. I have parents who are up all hours of the night on nights where I'm having low after low without complaining. I have a mom who's willing to sit with me at 2 in the morning and talk about hilarious nonsense to keep me awake until I can test and see if my blood sugar's coming up.

I still remember my diagnosis day very clearly, and the days leading up to it even more. It was tough, but not as tough as the challenges after diagnosis. But I fought through them, with the support from everyone around me and here I am today. Strong and smiling.

And also dancing.. (specifically- with my dog, celebrating the fact that our upside down Christmas tree hasn't fallen yet!). :)

Keep on celebrating with your loved ones, including your pets !!!..Merry Christmas Sloane

Happy belated anniversary. Inspiring attitude! Have to ask about the upside down Christmas tree. Do tell.

About the Christmas tree… Honestly, I have no idea where the idea came from to hang it from the ceiling! We got a discount tree, one of the last ones available where we were and it didn’t really look right (lopsided, missing some branches, etc.) so at some point we decided to hang it upside down, haha!

Your upside down tree is a creative solution. I love it! We don’t have a tree because it wouldn’t last two minutes with our cats & dogs, but hanging from the ceiling would work.