30 weeks down and wholy i am hating this trimester!

seems like it was a breeze controlling my sugar levels compaired to this week, ive been trying to keep them regulated below 7mmol, but this is just plain not possible.

yesterday morning i read 17mmol FASTING, went to sleep at 2am with sugars at 5.8mmol, how the f*ck did that happen, took 10 units of lispro (15min) fast acting to no avail, sugars stayed exactly the same for 1hr, took another 10 units, sugars came down but stayed at 11mmol, took another 20units (getting frustrated) sugars went down to 7.8, no sugar lows, only thing i had to eat yesterday was at dinner, so the entire day didnt make any sense to me what so ever, with no sugar in my diet i should have been colma toast with those insulin shots. wtf???

then today exact same ordeal, only lower sugar levels, still HIGH at 14mmol fasting and coming down to 9mmol for the morning so far.

*should mention before these past two bad days, sugars have been excellent, i take 10units of lispro before meals 60-65carb meals, sugars stayed the same level 4-6mmol* so why in one night did my resistance to insulin go from 10units needed to almost 40units and that didnt bring my sugars to where they should be????

anyone else having this extream of a change in the last trimester? should i just stop eating (cause even though that doesnt seem to be working, its what i feel like doing)

I do have an apt on monday, last apt went really well baby is exact size she should be, just really tall thanks to my husband, but with my sugar levels uncontrolled im reallly worried about the size of my baby, i will get some advice, and until then just keep a close eye and shooting up more and more insulin, which in the long run will make it extreamly hard to lose weight, some times diabetes just plain sucks serious balls! :)

Should you call tomorrow!? Instead of waiting I mean! Sorry I can’t help. And yes diabetes does suck!

The resistance in the third trimester is extreme…I took huge amounts of insulin by the end. I had some quick changes at times too, especially after 27 weeks. Sometimes I was certain that my insulin had gone bad and opened an new bottle, just to find i still had the problems. Don;t worry, it goes away after delivery. Just call your doc and maybe they can make adjustments over the phone. Mine always let me fax in numbers in between our appointments. Which, by the end were 3x/week (twice at OB’s, once at Endo’s).
Sadly, the weight gain in somewhat unavoidable, but believe it or not things will return to normal.
Yes, I agree, being a preggers T1 is hard, and at times I felt resentful of everything I had to go through that my friends did not, but hey, in the end I got 2 healthy happy babies.
Good luck!

Same exact thing happened to me. The hormones your body is producing right this minute at this stage in the pregnancy make the insulin counterproductive. They fight against the insulin, basically. Just hang in there. I too went to my ob 3x a week , and faxed my numbers to my endo all the time, like constantly. Everything turned out okay. That is what happens in the third trimester due to the pregnancy stage, not anything you are doing or not doing. I always felt like I was the host to my baby, like the baby had the controls of the journey. It is a very short time. The other part is you gain very little weight the third trimester. Good luck.