30 weeks repaired sugars

i am staying nice and steady at 5.4 from last night till now, i am taking 4x's my insulin doeses which at first i was thinking omg....i might not make it through this low sugar....but i didnt have any sugar lows so far.

everything is back on track for today, fingers crossed that i dont need changes like this for a few more weeks. cause those last two days of lack of sugar control sure exhausted me.

feeling great today though, amazing how i depend soley on my sugar levels to determin my emotions for the following day. but really you cant feel great when your sugars are high or low, so of course i feel great today.

my endo said one day at a time, she doesnt make too many suggestions on my insulin doses, due to the fact that i have had type 1 over half my life time 15years come this xmas, and shes figured out that when i need adjusting i make them myself.

thanks for the calmed me down comments on my last post.

will update frequently to provide (if needed) information on the last tri-mester to anyone whos listining.