4 Months After Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

Hi gals and guys! I’ve been poor at adding blog posts about my post-op experiences, but all is good, very good indeed. Please see my new photos added, and I will add some recent ones showing my current state. As of today, I’m at 218, after plateaus at 230 and 220 for a bit. Every pound lost is tougher now, and I have to work at not getting back into bad habits that would defeat the exercise, eg, grazing between meals and drinking during meals. I feel great, good circulation and overall energy level. I rarely sit around and watch TV now, cept for a Blue Jays game, that is. The only negative so far is that a common issue has arisen: a Vitamin D deficiency for which I’m taking a super dose pill to see if that will get me back up to good levels. I’ve taken Vit D for a few years, well before the op, but it is fairly common that after this op, the body doesn’t take up Vit D from food or pills very well. I’ll know in Sept if the super dose pills are working for me.

I’m enjoying: not taking 5 insulin shots a day; taking half of the chloresterol (sp?) pills; no swelling of ankles and feet - my shoes are baggy too! not getting numb legs or toes after standing around; not worrying about getting hypoglycemic if I’m late for a meal or after strenuous exercise; buying normal clothing sizes; people saying how good I look now; feeling about 15 years younger - really. We’re going on a Mediterranean cruise in late Sept, and I want to get down to 210 before it starts.

Tip: use Extend snack bars to substitute for meals or if caught without food due to activities - they are just 150 calories and 12 grams of protein, don’t taste too bad, not great, but palatable enough, don’t melt in heat, aren’t too pricey.

Truth is, I don’t feel like I am a type 2 diabetic anymore: my readings are almost all in normal range 2 hrs after eating and fasting is typically less than 7. I am still a diabetic, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. The op was the best thing for me, I’m very glad I did it.

All the best to all!

You and lady deserve your holiday …happy cruisin for the rest of your life ; not just in the Mediterranean :slight_smile:

Thanks Team Diabetes for your kind comment. I feel exceptionally lucky in so many ways, and wish I could help those with Type 2 that aren’t so fortunate as I. I’m interested in that Lions Club diabetic venture that Clarence told me about, as a start.

Wow Grant…Congratulations on your Successful Gastric Bypass and your Courage and Strength. I remember you asking about the Bypass and here you are all finished and enjoying your New Life. I am grateful that you are doing Well. :slight_smile:

Vit. D from sun? I have read that: “It has been suggested by some vitamin D researchers, for example, that approximately 5-30 minutes of sun exposure between 10 AM and 3 PM at least twice a week to the face, arms, legs, or back without sunscreen usually lead to sufficient vitamin D synthesis and that the moderate use of commercial tanning beds that emit 2%-6% UVB radiation is also effective [10,33]. Individuals with limited sun exposure need to include good sources of vitamin D in their diet or take a supplement”.

To Terrie8: I’m very fair & have had some spots zapped off this yr to reduce skin cancer. I’ll stik to supplements as a result. Thanks for comments - hit 216.9 tonite!

Grant just a quick question. I have gf who had bypass surgery the beginning of the summer. Pre-surgery she was a warm, caring, considerate person. Post surgery she is all wrapped up in herself, it’s all about her, she is naggy, mean spirited, nasty and very hurtful towards others. We have all noticed it, so it’s not just me being sensitive. We found out from an anethesticist that this can happen with surgery, the anastesia (sp is horrible) can make you irritable, but as it leaves your system, you get back to normal. This is going on 4 months, and I am ready to walk away because I can’t take the constant slams against my weight loss efforts w/o surgery, or how I am doing STILL being diabetic, she swears she is NOT diabetic now that she has lost 35 lbs, post surgery.
What would you suggest, seriously, I’d be willing to slap her soon.

Sorry for long delay in responding, I obviously don’t come to this site very much anymore. Frankly, I’m very skeptical that the anesthetic (?) caused any of the mood/'tude changes in your friend. Nor do I think it was a side effect of the operation. People process life changes differently, maybe the new attitude is the real person, and the other person was fake, who knows? I know I have a more positive spin on things and much more energy now than I used to have. I’m plateaued at about 211 and all nos. were in normal range for my extensive 6 month tests. It has been one of the best things I ever did.