Almost 12 months from roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery, all better than A-OK!

Just a short note for those interested, that all is great with my op and post op health - I’m the best I’ve been since my early 20’s, in every way, know what I mean, a nudge is as good as a wink, know what I mean? Dropped insulin day of op, dropped metformin to half, taken w/supper, reduced lipitor to 1/2, cut lipidil and bp med by 1/2, but bp was 95/65 at last MD visit, so told to drop lipidil and cut back bp med. Feel great and am steady at 203-208 weight, but with better weather now, will do more exercise outside with my Gracie. I watch my portions very carefully, and high fat anything doesn’t sit well with me, and that’s good! I’ve been asked to speak at the St. Joe’s Bariatric Program to the people in the program to tell of my experience. My bottom line is that if you do what you’re told to do, this thing really works for you. No more needles; no more dangerous lows and blood sugar volatility; no more diabetic progression. My last fat suit was size 52, just bought new ones at 42; neck was 20, now 16.5. I’m still fat, but the difference is dramatic, some people haven’t recognized me if they haven’t seen me for a year or so. I’ve taken a couple trips - a 2 wk cruise in the fall and just did a 7 day last week, and both times, it has been easy to get protein, avoid over-eating and get some exercise. I am so grateful for this 2nd chance at pursuing a healthy life. Many kudos to St. Joe’s Hospital, Hamilton, the Bariatric Program unit, Dr. Fong, my surgeon, my great MD, Dr. Min K. Yang, my endo, Dr. Gottesman, and my super-supportive wife, Nancy.

As I’ve said before, this procedure is not for everyone, but it sure as hell has worked for me!

I’m very happy for you. Kudos on the success. Keep up that winking and nudging. ;0)

WOW! You look Fantastic Grant. Of course, your last photo was horizontal. LOL! I’m so Happy that you are feeling Good. It’s about time. Everyone deserves a chance at a Better Life. It must be Neat to go up to someone who knows you but they don’t recognize you because of the change. :smiley: I’m sure that you will be able to keep this new lifestyle because it is Well worthwhile. You have a lot of Wonderful years ahead of you. Congratulations young Man…and to Nancy! :slight_smile: