!4 week lows

I had a really strange day yesterday. All afternoon from about 4pm on my BG levels kept crashing to the 40s. I had a really hard time keeping them up and even when I got them to 101 before my dinner they crashed down to 47 again afterwards. I got them up to 130 before bed, by 2am they were 37! I got them back up to 108 by 5am then I woke up this morning at 66. I’m into my second trimester now and I feel like I should be starting to have some insulin resistance, instead things like this are happening. This is my first pregnancy so of course I’m beginning to worry that something’s wrong because my BG levels are crashing so badly. Up until yesterday I had been having some lows in the evening but I was also having some random high BG levels. I’m extremely careful with my diet and BG control so it’s not that. Has anyone else experienced lows like this around 14 weeks?

That should say 14 weeks not !4 weeks-sorry

Yup, 21 weeks of crazy lows for me! My total insulin consumption decreased 30% from week 4 of pregnancy to week 21. 30% is a lot! My endo said it was not abnormal but it was something she had not seen before. Most T1 pregnancy starts to see insulin increases around the 14th week…mine was certainly delayed. I was beginning to think my husbands gene had cured diabetes!

I finally just increased my insulin at the 22 week mark. Let me tell you, what an increase too :slight_smile:

I’ve kept a blog for other T1’s and friends. It shows my weekly positives and pitfalls of being a pregnant T1. Feel free to read and share your story. http://fullofsweetness.wordpress.com/

Thanks Desdemona-you’ve no idea how reassuring it is to hear this!

(I’ve tried replying 3 times, and it keeps freezing. It’s been one of those days…) I’ve had a few really stubborn days of lows in my second tri - starting right around 14w, too! The exciting twist in the last week, though (I’m 16w6d), has been a combination of stubborn lows with some crazy wacky highs that are just as stubborn, after eating things that I’ve been eating all along, bolusing as normal. We’re still tweaking my pump settings to deal with it - I’ve lowered my basals substantially in the last couple weeks, but my I:C ratios are rising.

this is also very reassuring :slight_smile: this has pretty much been me recently as well :slight_smile:

You’re in the second trimester, but are you still feeling morning sickness (if you had at all) and/or is your energy level increasing? I didn’t start to get serious insulin resistance until week 18 and into week 20. I was still fighting morningsickness until well after week 16 and my energy didn’t pick up until around week 20. Plus, inbetween these shifts I had a few weeks of glorious even levels!
What you’re describing sounds similar to what I started seeing when in the transition time. Do you use a CGM? or keeping a book for patterns? I would be aware of patterns so you can work to change your basals as needed.
Oh! And you may also notice that the lows are more easily treated with less carbs than before. Pay attention to this too as I started getting wacky highs treating a low with the same amount each time.

Hope this is helpful! Hang in there!

Yep, my lows were going strong in week 14. I didn’t experience any insulin resistance until weeks 18-19. I know that they are frustrating – so hang in there!

thanks :slight_smile:

Weird…wish I had that problem! lol I have had highs nonstop since week 10 and never had the lows everyone talks about. Hope you get it figured out! Maybe you should drop your basal 2 units and see what happens. Did you call your endo?

ya my endo has been changing stuff around for me-unfortunately the lows can be kind of random so I’ll usually wait a couple of days before I can be sure that there’s a pattern :slight_smile: