Sudden lows @ 23 weeks

Hi ladies

Ok so sat I had several lows but chalked it up to the fact we were furniture shopping. Lots of walking delayed meals/snacks etc. Sunday I was still running a little low but not too bad. Monday seemed ok for the most part. Tuesday I have a low mid afternoon 50s and then at 3 am 30s . Yesterday I was in the 90s most of the morning (i usually get closer to 120 after breakfast) then I crash after lunch, then again after my snack and before dinner. It seems as though if I go more than 3 hours without eating I crash. This has never been the case before. I have not adjusted any basals or boluses.

Shouldn’t I be getting more insulin resistant now not less. I am starting to freak out something is wrong with the baby. I am gonna call my Dr when the open but I am not sure who to call? OB? Endo? Or peri?

If I were in you shoes, I would call both my endo and peri. My endo would tinker with my rates and my peri would ensure that the placenta is still functioning as normal. Both would report to my OB.

However, I know that I did not follow the textbook bg patterns with my pregnancy. It may be nothing at all!!! But I agree with you, best to touch base and make sure.

Please let us know how it goes. Hoping for the best for you an baby!

Oh and to add insult to injury I got in a car accident on the way to work. So I am just a little shaken up and emotional.

I called the OB. They said to call the endo. I have called her and I am waiting for a reply.

I have not called the peri yet I have an appt Feb 28, but we will see.

I just blogged about this (! I am 24 weeks this week - last week, 23 weeks, I was experiencing major lows. Now, at 24 weeks, I am experiencing my first real taste of insulin resistance and cranking up the basal rates as my blood sugar is frustratingly high. I wrote in more detail about it in my blog - but I'm thinking week 23 was like a little "honeymoon/last hurrah" for me and now that dreaded insulin resistance we all hear about in the last few months of pregnancy are kicking in?

Kate (momma to 1 and one on the way)

KMS That is reassuring to hear. The endo called back. I set a temp basal at 90% at my endos suggestion. She also recommended I call the peri.

I guess my many worry is the why are the lows showing up, I do not mind treating and adjusting basals. Just want to be sure it is not something wrong with the baby/placenta that is causing the sugars to drop.

The peri suggested that I come in tomorrow morning just for reassurance. I also developed some light cramping late this afternoon. So I am glad to be seeing someone.

It does not help that I can not really tell is the baby is moving. I am a FTM and have had twinges here and there but I can not honestly tell what is going on in there. I would feel so much better if I just knew the baby was moving.

Just saw the peri the baby looks very healthy. I have an anterior placenta which explains why I have not felt much. He will are me in 4 weeks.

whew! Good to hear the news :)

Thanks I was very relieved.

oh i am so glad everything is ok! I am curious to see if your Week 24 is anything like mine (ie - if you start experiencing highs) - probably just a coincidence, but always interesting to try and find trends and similarities among pregnant PWDs. Keep us posted please!

So I made it to about 31 weeks and change before insulin resistance caused me to need to increase my insulin needs. Not sure why I made it that long though. I am a type 1 but overweight and I have only gained 7 lbs so far. I am wondering if I am losing weight (while baby gains) if that has helped decrease my insulin needs. Not sure. Either way I have setting temp basals and adjusting ratios. Think things are stable for the time being.