4th of July Diet

I had a hard time sticking to a proper diet over the 4th of July holiday with the celebrations and charcoal grilled meats, and the special deserts! How about the rest of you?

Holidays are always a challenge. I went over to some friends to play music and we didn’t have a big spread. I was able to stick with the meat and veggies for the main course, so no problem there. Desert, however, was a potential problem. One of my friends had made a blackberry pie with berries picked that morning. Man it looked good. My rule of thumb is I can have one bite of anything so I took a spoonful. I picked out the berries, savored each one, and left the crust. It’s unrealistic to not have any of something so good. So far the one bite rule has worked for me.

Hmm… Never thought of this. I just might have to try it. Dessert is ALWAYS my down fall. I did not do so good this holiday. I had my brother’s 21 birthday, and then the 4th… Bad weekend =(

yeah, i decided to go buckwild on saturday since i was down in memphis with the fiancee and had some absolutely absurd meal (pulled pork sandwich, BBQ plate with ribs and smoked sausage, 3 beers, and a banana pudding for dessert) and bolused a ton. BG was great at 1 hour (119), 2 hours (97), then i checked before bed (5 hours later) and was in the 190s. FML.

so today i get back to the office and we’re having our summer cookout/potluck. i bump for 30g of carbs, snag a burger, then think twice and sneak a peek at the carb count on the bag of buns…21 net carbs. hm, not a disaster, but i need something to fill in those carbs. i’m reaching in my pocket for a roll of smarties and all of a sudden the resident southerner unveils a tray full of cups of…banana pudding! of course, like any responsible diabetic, i say “fool me once…”, bump 3 more units, and grab a cup. BG spiked at 128, then went sub 100 at 2 hours and flatlined all evening. fool me once, indeed…

Must be nice! I just started pumping last week and wow have I been everywhere since the weekend.

I gained about 5 pounds eating, drinking and being merry. I grilled a 7 lb pork shoulder roast, w/ salsa verde, etc. to make carnitas and that turned out ok and the corn tortillas weren’t too many carbs. The chips, salsa and beer, OTOH…urp

That’s an interesting rule!!

LOL! all the while on shots and struggling. What a weekend!

We do not have a 4th of July in the UK, but if I eat a snack before a meal if I am reeeeely hungry, then I find I can control my urges! Grilled meat (protein)_ is not a problem, and I am usually too stuffed on meat, salad and potatoes etc, to think about the puddings. If I do have room, I will check my sugar levels, and either have a small portion or put some more insulin (fast acting) into me and then have it or will put some more in a couple of hours later if needs be.

What’s the problem with the charcoal grilled meats? They sound delicious and perfectly diabetes friendly?

Yes, charcoal grilled meat and salad is fine. And a little of whatever dessert is most tempting. Purrfect meal.

beer and chips… not good for me either!

The problem is that I eat so much of it, I am miserable for a few hours, and it cuts in to my exercise time. And, puts on some pounds. Other than that, I do not think there is any harm.