5 things I love about diabetes

I’ve thought of another - after having had type 1 since I was 10 I feel as though I have an in-built self control, so (unlike my husband) an open packet of biscuits is quite safe with me :grin:


For me, living with diabetes means getting enough sleep. Unlike my co-workers, I do not yawn all day, nor do I get sick. I haven’t had a cold in several years.

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i feel like since i have diagnosed with it i have been depressed :confused: I dont know it just feels like i have to restrict myself from things i love to eat.

Hi Hannah_B

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You should really not have to restrict your eating, just learn to make your favorite foods low carb.

From low carb: pizza, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, egg dishes on down, let us know your favorites and I am sure we can find a diabetic-friendly recipe for you to make.

A few of my favorites

Just a very small sample to hopefully put a smile on your face and get you to start exploring the wonderful world of diabetic healthy meals and treats. There are thousands of awesome recipes on multiple websites waiting to spoil you. - Enjoy


Thank you for sharing such amazing recipes :slight_smile:

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You are very welcome - I am a cheeseaholic so a lot of my favorite recipes involve cream cheese. To keep my internal plumbing running smoothly I add 1 tbsp of chia seeds for every once of cream cheese in recipe. Otherwise I also use nuts so for the chocolate avocado mousse, I cover with a layer of chopped walnuts or for the lemon cheesecake poke a dozen + almonds in the top before a final layer of whip cream.

There are a handful of great websites so this is just to get you started. Look for low carb as well as Keto related websites for fabulous low carb recipes.

In order to keep my weight at 125 lbs. I carefully eat small but exquisite food daily.

Here is a great weekend breakfast special: