6 months since D day

Well it hit me at work tonight its been 6 months since I found out I had the big D. My life has changed for the better I am eating better. I have put on most of the weight that I had lost but am still fitting into jeans that I couldn't think of fitting into 5 years ago guess that mean I am putting on more muscle then just bulk. I feel I have a good grip on diabetes, there are days when I can do better and days when I can do worse. I can count on my fingers the amount of lows under 50 and the highs over 200. I have brought my A1c down from a 14 to at least a 6.5, I find out next week what my latest is.
In many ways I feel diabetes has given me a new lease on life. At times it feels like the ax of doom floating over my head but at those moments I also realize how beautiful life is and that I have so much to live for. Life is hard and a struggle but I know it could be worse. Each day I am reminded not only to keep my BS in control but all aspects of my life in control. I have overcome fear. Fear of my past and fear of my future. I still have many worries but I know that they will not over take me.

I want to thank everyone here at Tudiabetes you have made this so much easier and have helped beyond belief..

knowledge is power…

i feel the same way about my health and my diagnosis. its a blessing of sorts, forcing me to seek knowledge about my body, food, exercise. there really isn’t a bad way to thing about THAT!

happy anniversary <3

Jim that’s awesome! Congrats sir. Keep up the good work too.
And thank you for helping make TuD such a great community for others too!

I love the Ramones saw them close to 30 times, all over the north east.

Thanks for sharing an inspirational blog! I hope to have that same feeling when I hit 6 months.

Congratulations! I’m just one month ahead of you, feeling on most days as you do. There’s always something left to learn. Today: no, I can’t have root beer, however small the amount. drat. but on the whole, spring is in the air and there’s lots to look forward to.