670 guardian sensors 3 / transmitter


Hello steve here . sensors only last 4 days average had only a hand full last 7 days since new pump last year .work good then just stop . tried new transmitter .ECT. so I have to call almost weeky to send out new sensors .the last 2 sensorns one lasted 3 days 8 hrs ,next one just over 4 days . very sickening .I hate calling mini med u always get some one different have to kinda explain it over and over and over again . sometimes I just run shirt of sensors and don’t use them for few days to make up for shirt life of sensor .it’s a real problem .I’ve talked to trainer tried different things .they want tobkameuright away like it’s your fault .have u go through procedures ask all kinds questions .very frustrating . stressful .it has you constantly questioning yourselve if it me screwing up anyone can help please ASAP .THANK YOU SO MUCH .new to fourm today .


Is it possible to get some one-on-one training from a MiniMed trainer or a certified diabetes educator from your doctor’s office?


One thing I have found is that porpoising dramatically shortens the life of the sensor. I have had wonderful luck using my upper arms as sites. The arms are a newly approved site. You will want help with application, but it works very well.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.



Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting the sensors to work for you. I feel you brother about calling MedTronic… it is absolutely frustrating. The CSRs read from a script, I seriously doubt their actual expertise in troubleshooting a problem.

I am not experiencing the short life on the sensors like you are, but they are picky about placement. I haven’t tried the arm as I have very little fat on my upper arms anymore.

I encourage you to get with a trainer if you haven’t yet. It may be something to do with placement or the way you are taping? Another thing I’ve noticed is that if you aren’t well hydrated, the accuracy (at least in my case) is not as good as it can be. Are your drinking plenty of water?

I’m getting a full 7 days out of mine, and have extended a few sessions out to the 10 day mark.


Where are you putting your sensors? Ive used my abdomen and arms and I usually get 14 days out of them.