A birthday, a funeral...rebirth

Just as I promised Manny, I am now officially going back online at TUD. I have not been my old self lately, having been hospitalised and diagnosed with more ailments. Long story short, weeks of soul searching did the trick. All I need was to regain my confidence in facing my health’s challenges. Brooding would do nothing for me. Also, I would need to remember that the TuDiabetes community would be there beside me, just as it has always been. I just cannot stand here while others remain lonely, depressed and un-educated regarding their health situation…just like what happened to a church friend recently.

Having stepped on a rusty nail a few days back, Brother Lito ignores this seemingly minor accident, as he was all so excited with her daughter’s visit from Norway. That simple wound caused him to have fevers, which he still ignored. Then, lockjaw, the majour sign of tetanus finally hit last Tuesday (May 12), and Brother Lito slipped into a coma. By Friday, on the account of his un-improving condition, his life support systems were finally withdrawn. By Saturday, March 16, he finally returned to His Blessed Creator.

“The death of His saints are precious in his sight.” (Hebrews 13.6) True, it shall always be. But this was a tragedy that could have easily averted, if only he knew, and if he had the will to take care of it soon. The first time I heard of this, I said “Every diabetic should know how to take care of him/herself!” A lot of times, it is not because they don’t want to, it is just that no one was there to help. And that is where we, TuDiabetes folks, are there. Most of us may not be a physician, like Sohair, but being part of a community that is aware and willing, we have the power to reach out and touch the lives of diabetics everywhere.

And this is what I, and everyone else here, intend to do.

This is my purpose…reborn.

Jovanni, again, Happy Birthday, and I am happy to see you back. You probably don’t know it, but you were a comfort to me some time back when you were having some dental issues. Anyway, that’s the power of God working through us here at TuD. We all can help each other. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, sometimes even just a small hello could be helpful.

I am sorry about Brother Lito. It sounds like he was a good friend to you.

Hello Jovanni:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope that you enjoyed your day.

We are Glad that you are back here with us. We all have to step back occasionally and look at our Lives. Some things we can change for the Better even though we thought that they were already right. So many People are Sad and they don’t even understand why. You should be Proud that you have helped many here and in your area with your kindness and with your early wisdom.

I’m Sad for you that your Friend, Brother Lito died from stepping on a nail. Such an easy accident. I stepped on a nail when I was a Kid, as most have. I didn’t know at that age, that a Person could possibly die from it. I remember taking off my white sneaker and seeing the blood oozing out. I just put a kleenex on it, put my shoe back on and ran off to play. I don’t know why I said that. No value. I guess, I was covered.

Our Friends stay in our hearts forever. We keep them safely tucked away in our subconscious until some small detail springs them forth again, whether for cheer or tear. The pain dies eventually and we just remember their love and their laughter and Good memories. It usually takes about 2 years until our hearts don’t hurt as much for them. I hope that you find ever Happiness with his memories. Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to you my dear friend. life is just tough,but your faith is great.