A bit about nothing

Saturday here in the Shire started with rain I know it was rain because it tipper tapered on our bedroom window for most of the night, I even got out of bed at 3am to let smudge out due to her waking up song she has to get me out of my dream state quite meowing then loud meowing followed by scratching the bedroom carpet if all fails, after a while your mind although asleep well part of it waits for the morning wake up call which is usually to be let out do her business then come back into the house to sleep some more, cannot remember my last nights sleep where I had 6 or even an heavenly 8 hours without interruption no good moaning I took on the responsibility of looking after smudge then brieni and jimbob so no one else to blame but myself, blood reading this morning was 8.2 my machine tells me averages for
7 days is 10
14 days 10.4
30 days 10.7
90 days 10.0
All exceeding my target set by my professional of between 4 and 7 in fact almost double what it should be, tryinmg or even trying to be good and not a secret eater ttring to fool my brain into thinking I am normal well normal in the sense of sugar levels, my professional tells me it is the up and down sugar levels that cause long term problems at 66 years of age I think the damage is already done, this is not a defeatist attitude just someone trying to stay alive that bit longer.
Tried to work out how many days I have been alive including the 9 months in the womb but not very good at maths, at the moment brieni the black cat is sleeping on the dining chair next to me ,not quite asleep but getting there, smudge is sleeping on the upper landing and jimbob sleeping in one of the spare rooms to add to that brian who I think is a stray is looking through the French door windows m tongue hanging out playing the sympathy card which he knows works every time, but the more I feed him the less my 3 cats who are female want to go outside and often send him packing with is tail tucked under his body.
Brian no idea what is real name is what you might call a tabby cat often if I leave a door open he sneaks in and wonders around the house until he bumps into my gang sleeping well I say sleeping but do cats really sleep they usually have one ear pricked up waiting, the Sun has gently moved the rain away but I can see more dark clouds in the near distance being close to a hill called the Wrekin rain sometimes has trouble getting over it and discharges it's content on us, I can hear the trumpet of a scrap man/woman/person in a street near me, they take any unwanted metal away for free, bridges washing machines even televisions and other stuff with metal in them, keeping the lanes streets of the Shire clean and tidy.
Tomato plants have 3 trusses on them at the moment my green fingered wife/Angel looks after them she is shopping with our eldest daughter Samantha at the moment so I have the house to myself well me and my 3 pals can you call female cat's pals best wishes twiddle