Blue Moon Blue cheese Bluebottles Blueberries and Pink Flamingos

The clouds roll by obscuring the Moon and all it’s glory the wind is howling and the trees on the square are swaying to and fro as the saying goes if you do not bend to the wind you will surely break,no one about all snuggled up in blankets soon to be woken by the alarm it is time to go to work or the shouts from mom you will be late for school,waking up from a warm bed to getting dressed leaving the house and meeting the bitterness of the wind is enough to wake anyone up,for me it was my cat smudge who jumped onto our bed sat on my chest and decided to give me a wash with her prickly tongue,then getting so close to my eyes and looking straight at me until I wake up give her a stroke and tell her she is a good girl no good trying to roll over and forget her otherwise she meows like a wolf in the night.

I put one foot on the bedroom floor not the warmest of places this slight coldness runs up my leg body and settles somewhere in my brain, still half asleep I reach for my dressing gown slip my feet into my slippers left slipper on right foot and so on wander slowly downstairs holding onto the wall and Bannister open the door curtain unlock the back door and call smudge come on girl door open, but you know how stubborn cats can be and I have to make my way upstairs sit with her and tell her a new day awaits she finally decides to venture out looking back as if to say leave the door open it is cold out here a slave to my cat you bet, our Ben would have been out of the door running around getting into all kinds of mischief but cats are so gentle in their approach not wanting to get there paws messed up slowly taking one step at a time ears raised nose sniffing the coll early morning air,while most cats like the night go hunting bring back presents for there owners mice voles birds smudge is above all that malarkey she knows breakfast will be waiting for her when she comes back inside so why tire yourself out hunting.

I settle down to take my blood sugar readings not good this morning take my victoza and morning medication all I have left to do is take insulin with my breakfast in the meantime smudge is meowing to be let in she comes into the kitchen See’s her breakfast chicken in jelly starts to eat, licks away at the plate she only has one long tooth now so I but her mushy food to help her eat,she glances up at me once or twice I am sure she is thinking chicken again how about some tuna are cats telepathic is that how they train us to give up so much time to look after there every needs,good nights sleep last night only had to go to the bathroom once it was very very cold no heating on as our water company is doing major pipe replacing in our are so could not have the central heating on brr,by the way blood sugar was 11.2 so really have to work on it today try to exercise more drink plenty of water and be good when it comes to food.