A couple more questions!

I was reaching for something in my car today and bumped my pod on something and it just ripped off. I just put in on today, could I send that in and get a new one? or is it just for tech. damage?.

and tomorrow im going to disneyland, would you set a lower basal rate for all that walking?

I’m not sure about the pod replacement and I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on the web…but, I can tell you that when I went to Disneyworld a couple years ago I dropped my Lantus - analogous to the basal rate - by about 20%. You may need more or less depending on how much walking you do tomorrow and how much activity you normally have in a day.

Oh yeah, even though it’s obvious my advice would be “test your BG early and often”. :wink:

I do not know if they will replace the ones that come. You can try, just give them a call. I went to Sea World, San Diego Zoo , and the Wild Animal Park about a month ago. The Pod worked great. I did not change a thing. But aways check

ahh it didnt matter haha, 2 hours after I got to disneyland, my pod came off. So I was on the pens =[

I always take a box of pods with me when I go on vacation. I went to Vegas and started out with about 9 pods for a 5 day vacation. I had 5 defective pods (back when they clicked) and a bad spot, so I just barely made it. The pods aren’t as defective now, but the early shipments really were.

curious, how does your pod keep coming off and where do you place it? When I go to amusement parks I use the Temp Basal at about 20%

omg, luckly I brought my pens!.

well the first one was on the back of my arm and I was pumping gas and I went in my car to each for something and it hit the side of the door,
the one at disneyland, was placed on my stomach and my girlfriend turned around really quick and her backpack ripped it off. soo now I have no insulin till the 19 so im on my pens untill than =/ unless I can go to the clinic to get my pod filled for me!

Why can’t you fill it w/your pen? Or are you out of pods too?

How often did it click?
Now that I have mine on my arm where I can hear it i’ve noticed it kinda clicks like a clock would about every 30 seconds or so.

Technically you can fill with your pens, depending on the insulin that you are on. I had Humalog pens, and when I went on the OmniPod they switched me to Novolog. The problem I ran into with that was I had a much better reaction to that type of insulin (dont ask me why, my doctors couldn’t even tell me) But the syringe used to fill the pods normally, is much larger and is able to fill the pod quickly, as you notice it beeps to sound its done…you wont get the correct amount of insulin into the pod trying to fill it with the pens… That’s my experience at least, if someone out there knows how, by all means let us know!!!

well I could, but with my pens I could only pull back like 65Units at a time and like jon said, it beeps a few seconds after filling the pod. so yeah =/ I dont really wannt to take any chances!

My educator just screwed the top off the pen and put the syringe in that and pulled down the units needed. Just a thought!

Same here. You can use the syringe that comes with the pod to draw from a pen; just insert the syringe into the membrane where the pen needle would normally screw on. The big difference is that when drawing from a pen, you don’t insert the equivalent volume of air that you are going to take out (like you do when drawing from a vial/bottle); you just insert the syringe and draw out what you need.
It is a little slower to draw from a pen (more resistance as you are pulling the pen plunger mechanism down), but I’ve used up at least 5-6 Novolog pens that way.

The click I am talking about is when you inject the insulin to the pod. Your clicks are probably just the insulin going into your skin, thats the sound that my pods make. They had a “recall” for the clicking ones, which I had many of from the first shipment, but I got a new order, and haven’t had any bad pods.

its easy to use your pen refills for omnipod. All you have to do is “blow” the little rubber stopper off the end of the tiny refill vial. Hold the the rubber stopper gently with your thumb to prevent it from flying while you use your omnipod needle to inject some air into that little container, the pressure will blow the stopper out, then you are free to fill your pod needle and your pod! Happy podding!