A couple of weeks have gone by so

Well here I am. I'm back on my "diet" My blood sugars have been fairly stable. In fact they are so good its scary. and the nerve pain in my thigh has not been that noticable.

I fell off "the wagon" for about a week when my mom came up from Oklahoma for a visit and we took a day trip to New york City. But to be honest I still was watching what I ate even though I told myself not to worry about it.

I've dropped another couple of pounds and right now my weigh is hovering between 212 and 214 pounds.. The good news is its all pretty much off of my waist. In fact I had to get a belt for work because my uniform pants that fit snuggly before now will not stay up.

I would prob do better if I stayed totally away from the soda.. but I seemt o have about 3 or 4 a week.... which is much better as for a while there I was having 2 or 3 a night at work... and thats not counting the days....... been very hot this summer.. prob why my numbers went a bit out of control....

I don't know if anyone reads these blogs but it seems a good place to just vent a bit.. LOL.

Laters all

Yup, I read them! :smiley: Go ahead a vent :slight_smile: Good on you for the changes you’ve made - doing great! :slight_smile: