A different kind of low -- or, we ain't outta the winter woods yet




That can’t be right – just like 78 from a cold fingertip, in the postprandial period, can’t be right.

Not only that, but if 95.9 is right, that’s downright effin’ dangerous…

The Other Half and I were sitting in bed, watching the TiVO’d NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, and I’m falling asleep (not odd; it’s after midnight) and shivering uncontrollably. We’d done enough munching out that there was absolutely no reason in h3!! that I should be running low BG. I’m not going to check BP, because high or low is not going to be causing me to be shivering.

OTOH, I’ve kicked on the electric blanket (which has been off the entire week!) and I’m colder under the blanket than atop it.

It’s not impossible that I could be running a fever, but when my body acts mildly feverish, the greater likelihood is that I’m running slightly hypothermic.

“Normal” for me ranges about 1 degree Fahrenheit below the usual “normal”, but if I’m really cold, it’s not rare for me to drop down into the mid- to high- 96’s. Below 96 is considered seriously, medically, hypothermic.

Alternate site body temperature comes just barely into the non-hypothermic range. Forearm blood glucose is reading 92, which is 30-40 points lower than it should be reading based on how much I snacked out on, how recently… but not enough to send me into a hypo.

Checked another alternate BG site and came up with 96, so it sounds like I’m actually running OK-to-just-a-trifle-under there.

Left leg has been acting swollen, looking a bit swollen, even though the PA couldn’t find anything to indicate that sort of injury back on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the same sort of muscle tightness has been spreading intermittently across my body. A bit too late and too painful to use physical activity to bring things back to “normal”.


Things seem a little better after some no-sugar-added cocoa, but if this doesn’t clear up by morning, I’m going to have to head back to the doctor’s in the morning…


Wondering when I’m going to actually be able to get laundry done, and get the kitchen ready for Passover…