A disaster..:(

I am a real disaster to myself with the pre-diabetes…I have let things go, and dont know barely anything about it at all. Was diagnosed about 18 months ago and problems with handing over my business and looking after my mother, mainly recovering from the death of my husband has made me put this on the back burner. though - I have learned how I feel when I dont eat regularly and also when I get an infection due to indulging…:(…so sort of knowing what to do but how to track it etc etc…I dont know…but I will and will get going now…:slight_smile:

oh Debb, thank you so much, that is so helpful and kind. Here in the U.K. at the clinic I go to very occasionally they dont believe in checking blood sugars, though I have got a machine and must endeavour to learn!! I HAVE got a lot to learn…no peas and corn with other carbs…that is amazing! I think I do that rather a LOT. Have just come home from a days shopping, with my mother in tow as well, and I think the bs is all over the place, I feel it somehow, so it is really good to know about this site and get myself really healthy…my bs is about 9, whatever that means, when I was diagnosed…but I will explore…Thanks again…:slight_smile: love Cathrynn X

I agree, there’s such a lot to learn!!
Most diabetics aim to keep their blood sugars between 4mmol and 7mmol as much as possible to prevent long term damage. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I test anything between 6 - 8 times a day because I am on insulin and I need to keep a close eye on what is going on with my blood sugars and adjust accordingly. I’m quite a brittle Diabetic as I have several syndromes that complicate my Diabetes.
What sort of treatment are you on?