A few of my favorite things to snack on :) Nuts!

I just learned a new trick to munching on a healthy snack!
I love Almonds! Here is the latest catch on them…
Remember to soak them over night. Then, rinse them and munch! Pretty simple huh?
What is so cool about that? Well, the soaking releases natural enzymes and starts the
growing process which releases more protein! Awesome! Another neat thing about soaking is; they are a tad more sweet too! ( no sugar added! LOL!)
I’m a bit tickled pink at finding a new way to munch on an old favorite snack.
I’m also learning more about making milk from almonds, other nuts and grains.
So far, I make rice milk and almond as our families favorite two. I’d like to try some other as see how they go.( naturally, with kids it’s gotta taste good and hopefully be sweet.)
So, in dealing with that fact… our milk may be slightly brown as I add 12 pitted dates to 1 gallon of “milk.”