Making some delicious treats

So I’m making these orgasmic brownies.

Peanut butter. Chocolate chips. Chocolate chip topping. Oh my.

They’re in the oven right now and the smell is overwhelming. I already ate the dough leftover on the beaters and in the bowl. Wasn’t sure what to bolus for that? I tried 20 carbs. We’ll see. I probably undershot, because I kind of feel like barf (in a full, oh-my-god that was really sweet way) after eating what I did.

Oh well, it was totally worth it.

I have a Christmas party at work on Friday, and I might be making them for part of my gift for the exchange. Maybe. We’ll see. I think I just wanted an excuse to make them.

BUT, I have been really good with food lately. So, I’m allowing myself this deliciously sweet and fatty treat. It’s kind of a test really. To see if I can control myself from eating all of them (ha!), and to see how well I can bolus and keep my BS in check.

In years past, pre-pump and pre-eating like a sane human, I would have just pigged out on the dough and at least 2 large brownies and then taken a shot of “oh this seems like enough” insulin. Most likely would end up 250+ after. I won’t let that happen this time…wish me luck! XD

I am laughing so hard right now!! How many Type I’s are just like this? I keep ice cream and sugary cereal in the house “just in case” I get low blood sugar… Sometime’s I just over bolus for a bit of Chunky Monkey. Food games are what it is all about. What can I get away with today?

Work during the holiday’s is TOUGH! Even though I work in a mostly male department, they bring in some of the best munchies. I tend to skip a healthy lunch so I can enjoy the snacks.