Bedtime Snacks

Hey I was sitting at home last night, watching a little tv and getting a little hungry....and I found myself going through a frustration that I face all the time which is "what to have for bedtime snack?" This is a situation that I struggle with constantly :) I am always at a loss for finding something to eat that is going to be nice to me through the night! SO I thought I'd throw the question out there...What is everyones favorite bedtime snack? Oh and do you normaly bolus for it?

I have celery w/ranch dressing - it's not my favorite but my morning BS are good. And yes I always bolus for my snacks.

My nighttime snack is half of an apple.

A spoonful of yummy chunky PB - keeps me pretty level all night. No bolus for it.

So I'm noticing that most are eating mainly protiens at night...I am such a carb addict! :)

Some sort of protein, it varies. Not carbs. And definitely a "snack" -- SMALL portion. No bolus, I normally exercise in the evening.

This is all very helpful!

That cream cheese thing sounds really good!!

yogurt & yes i bolus for it

A piece of toast with almond butter and sf jelly it's about 14 grams of carbs but I don't bolus for it and usually my morning numbers are pretty decent especially if I have gone for a swim at night. For me a snack is protection against going low and most days it works. If I am running a bit high I either skip the snack completely or I have toast with marmite instead.

My favorite low-carb snacks:

  • Pepperoni & Cheese
  • Parmesan Chips (take shredded parmesan and make little piles on a cookie sheet and throw them in the oven for ten minutes)
  • Pickles
  • Can of Tuna fish
  • Bag of potato chips (jkjk...just put that one in to see if you were reading)

Whiskey and potato chips are probably my favorite bedtime snack. Things are set so I can blow off eating if I want to but I usually like "werewolfing" and eating and drinking tons of horrible things at night.

LOl My eye was drawn right to the words "potatoe chips"

Acidrock...what is "werewolfing"

When you eat conservatively all day and "let the dogs out" at night. I have done this for years. I picked up the term from an interesting food/ diabetes/ psych video someone (Brian maybe?) shared a link to a couple of years ago but I didn't save the link. To me it makes sense. During the day I'm busy and at night, if my BG runs low, I can run downstairs to grab a brewsky to jack it back up.

A slice or two of Canadian bacon.

oh thats funny...I do that alot!

I live in Asia where you can easily find flavored, fried seaweed snacks. A bag of chili flavored (my favorite) has 300 calories, but only 4 grams of carbs … So it fills me up but I don’t need to bolus for it. It’s the perfect replacement for Pringles.

where in asia do you live & why?. where are from originally?
i was born in france.

I like half of a peanut butter sandwich and yep, I bolus for it. I like my carbs, too!