A few things

I have recently upped my jogging speed to 6mph and I’ve hardly noticed a difference! I can still run for 20 mins on “Random Hills” without feeling any more tired and without a BS difference.
I’ve been eating restaurant food way too much. My weight has remained the same (see above) but I’m afraid it will catch up to me in my A1C. I’ve been too lazy to make lunches lately and many of my friends want to meet for dinner or brunch. I have made lunch for tomorrow at least. Soup, carrots with hummus and an orange. Yay!

A few months ago I noticed that owner of my neighborhood coffee shop has a minimed pump. Today, I ended up meeting a friend for lunch there. Between me, the owner and another random customer with a blue 722, the place was like a Medtronic convention! Since there were maybe 15 people in the place, this was a definite little statistical anomaly.