A full year under 7.0 A1c

Just got my latest A1c = 6.4%. That makes 4 quarters under 7 (6.4, 6.6, 6.0, 6.5). In 43 years as a T1 these are the only time I had a value in the "sixes." TuD was a big part of this, pointed me in the direction of ultra low carb diet. I hope nobody reads this because I am not really bragging just happy, happy, happy! Maybe I'll shoot for a 5?

Diabetes control is hard, hard work and you are entitled to brag. You rock the house!!!!


Good work. Brag away, if anyone has earned the right it's you. Great job! Congratulations.

And there's nothing wrong with aiming for lower numbers. Just be EXTRA careful as you get down there -- watch out for lows. That will tell you when you've reached your "safe" limit and should stop.

Thank you. In order to get here, I had to eliminate/drastically reduce lows. My historical pattern was roller coastering from lows to highs. On the ketogenic diet, I can take my Lantus and skip a meal (also skip the bolus) and not move my BG at all. Once my insulin on board is depleted, I can hold a 75 for hours with plenty of energy. It really feels great!

Hooray for Beechceard! We are all proud of you and thank you for sharing!!!

Extremely happy for you Beechbeard. Congratulations!! Looking forward to your 2 year anniversary under an A1C of 7.0. :)

Brag away. Keep at it. We all know how hard it was to reach that milestone.


Awesome…keep up the great work❗️

Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

Fabulous!!! Way to go!! Have you made any special diet changes? How are you able to do it?