A great appointment!

Today was another check up of my latest blood work.

As you can see to the left of your screen, my A1C is now at 5.7, down from 6.3 in January. YAY!

I’ve also lost an additional 15 pounds since my last appointment, for a total of 49lbs since November. I’m in freaking 12’s right now. ahhhhh!

Kidney and Liver test results = excellent

My cholesterol was the big question mark that she wanted to see the results of this time around because she was thinking about putting me on some cholesterol medicine if things stayed the same. Thankfully the results showed a pretty dramatic change. My previous LDL number was 138. This time, I’m at 96. I was so happy.

She also thinks I could try cutting down on my meds. I currently am taking metformin twice a day, she wants me try taking it once a day. If I notice that my BG has stayed above my current average for more than 3 or 4 days out of the week, then go back to twice a day. I’ll be starting this little experiment this weekend.

A great appointment.

But right now, i’m dealing with this pain in my wrist that has been achy for about a week now. I don’t know how i got this. Just woke up and it freakin hurts. I don’t know if it was something i may have done at the gym (doubt it though, but you never know); also thought that it might be carpel tunnel). Side to side movement is what hurts the most. She wants me to continue wearing the wrist brace that I bought whenever i drive and also at work and wants me to take some ibuprofen, see if it helps, since she noticed some swelling in comparison to my right wrist. She has also referred me to get some rehab done. See if it will help. Cross your fingers.

So today was a good day overall. Yay!

Hey Veronica: :slight_smile:

Pretty page! Great job on the 5.7(I refuse to move from 6.3 :slight_smile: ).
Wonderful that you lost that much weight. I’m sure that was a
job in itself. And also your eyes. That’s always Terrific to hear.
You’re really on a Smart roll. Good for you and keep it going.

Awesome! Thats a lot of improvement all over the board.

Your doctor sounds really great too.

EXCELLENT results, Veronica! Sorry that you’re having wrist pain though. Still lots of great news. Size 12, 15 lbs, HBA1C at 5.7. WOW, keep up the good work, and congratulations! I agree with Laura, it sounds like you have a great doctor, which has got to be a tremendous help too.