Today's doctor's appointment

Had my annual physical with my primary today and it was fun, well not the gyn stuff but everything else. I have lost 17 pounds since the last time I saw her, my blood pressure is normal (it has never been normal ever)my A1C was 6.4. We spent 1/2 hour talking about what I have done to bring about the change. I told her I had read "Think Like a Pancreas" which made her laugh, but I think it was just the title not the book or concept of a self help book for diabetics. I explained the effort required to get the carb content of virtually every thing that goes in my mouth, from asking the sushi guy at Wegman's to getting the manager at the 99 restaurant to look up the fried shrimp dinner's carb content, and when finding out it had 125 grams deciding it was not something I really wanted. Finding out the fat free 1/2 and 1/2 I had been putting in my coffee for the last 10 years was absolutely filled with high fructose corn syrup and had 3 grams of carbs in every 2 tablespoons. I was drinking 27 grams of carbs every morning while insisting I didn't eat breakfast. At the end of the appointment, she said, you should really share what you have learned to which I replied, I do.

Congrats on such a great A1C!!!! And I love hearing about how people find their weak spots and make changes for the better! My weak spot is hormones... every change in them affects the amount of resistance and/or sensitivity to insulin so my "tweaking" my health care has been a challenge to say the least! So seeing success with a fellow "D" is inspiring and uplifting to me.Thank you for sharing!

That's great Clare, congrats on achieving all of that!

Knowing what we are eating in terms of carb content is so important. I had no idea some of the meals I used to eat in restaurants which I thought were healthy were so unbelievably high in carbs. I'm slowly reading tlap also.

Wonderful news Clare. I think I'll read that book even if I am a T2. Thanks for this post.

Johanna, for me the book was actually a trip down memory lane since the guy who wrote it remembered the old days when the lancets were kind of like guillotines and hurt like hell. A lot of it is more geared towards pumpers, but the basics of how insulins work and what the kind of action profiles the different insulins have for me has been very useful. It doesn't really matter much T1 or T2 we still have to take care of ourselves.