So your omnipod doesn't get ripped off

Have you ever got your pod ripped off from your skin while passing a corner of a wall or get caught on a pair of jeans? (I’m a klutz)

I had numerous pod get ripped off as I turned a corner or pulled on jeans (I wear my pod on my thigh).
I found a good solutions to help out.
I use super glue to glue the spots between the plastic and the paper dressing. It's glued so it cant move. Then I brush on skin-tac in the middle of the pod only, NOT on the edges- it turns the edges brown from the dried up glue.
Now it's securely glued on, I haven't had one ripped off since.
Hope this helps.

I actually broke one of my omnipods before like that. I had been placing it on my abdomen only for the first 5 months or so and decided to put it on my arm. Like you, I’m a pretty big klutz and I’m always hitting my shoulders on door jams. Half way through my work day I had hit it so many times, so hard, that it just stopped working and was buzzing in the middle of my work day…

Now I put it between my shoulder blade and my armpit and I rarely hit it. That is a really good idea though! Sort of an arts-and-crafts for your omnipod!

I smack my pods on door ways and corners all the time. I thought I was just being efficient with space. No, apparently my grace is an illusion and I’m just a total klutz. I actually caught on a corner this evening and loosened the pod. I change tomorrow night. I think I can be cautious until then. I hate wasting a pod. There is nothing worse than that screech.

im going to try the shoulder/armpit placement. i’ve been using my thighs for about a year now… I need a new place.
you put it on the upper inner arm, so the pod rests in your armpit.

the glue trick really works. Klutzy me, always bumping into things.
If you glue the edges with super quick type it really helps. you have to glue all the way around, not to much glue, hold for 30 seconds. the paper should completely be glued to the plastic pod
i’ve bumped into so many corner walls, it doesn’t move.

I ahve had the same problem, but i went one step further. I work outside on construction sites, so hot and sweaty, and after about 3 pods falling off due to excessicve sweating (safety clothes etc), I got the skin tac liquid adhesive, and love it. I also went a step further and got waht is called Kinesio Tex, tape, it a type of athletic taping method used, but the tape is what I use as my back up. It is sweat proof, water proof etc, and have not had one fall off or become disloged in the past year. I primariarly wear mine on my arm, and love it. I also use the the skin tac on the edges of the pod and have never had any discoleration of the adhesive piece that comes with the pod. I also cover a larger area than needed as to where I am going to apply my pod. Hope these tips help.

Opsite works for me. I just anchor the pod down with a couple of strips. I like the flexibility and it gives just enough to absorb a little bit of the jarring, but not too much to allow the adhesive to tear.