A long road to Tandem T:Slim

I have just finished 5 years with Animas One Touch Ping, it worked but due to my eyes, it became harder and harder to read. I receive my pump thru Medicare and my Supplemental F Insurance.
I talked to Animas and they said the could send me one of the new Vibes, it would come without the Dexcom materials tho since Medicare didn't support CGM.
I checked it out, and could read the Vibe easily, so I said, yes, great, let's do it.

About 1 week later, my distributor "CCS" called and said they had an order to send me one of the Animas Vibes, sent to them by Animas. They however could not do that, since it had CGM associated with it, I was not eligible thru Medicare, they could however send me another Ping.

The offered me 3 choices, Animas, Medtronic, and another one, but I said I would think about it.

I then checked out the information on the T:slim, and it was also easy to read, and my endo supported it. So I am in the process of ordering the T:slim.

(I had considered, had I received the Vibe, of purchasing some of the dexcom sensors from them out of pocket for those times when my BG swings wildly and no amount of insulin will reduce it, but that was not to be)

I'm glad the hitch in your order of the Vibe will work well in your favor. I'd like t read your comments on the T:Slim as an older user with visual clarity issues. As the years go by, I'm having a harder time seeing the screen of my pump, especially when I wake up at night and need a quick glance. I always have to fish for my readers so I can see what the screen says.

I'd like to see a large display, like an iPad size that would display pump and CGM info at the touch of a button in the night.

I don't think the Vibe display is that much different than the Ping and maybe your initial favorable perception of it was simply due to its being new. I hope that your T:Slim experience is good and the screen readability serves you well. I'd be interested to read your comments on it as time goes by. Good luck!

My new distributor is scheduled to be "Diabetes Management & Supply", I called yesterday, and they said they had everything they need, and it was scheduled to go to a review board?
They did agree however that they would call me as soon as they had a firm ship date on it.

I need to know when it is final, since my next order is coming up for the Animas supplies, and I need to cancel it. (If I renew it, then I can't receive the tslim supplies for 90 days).

I sure will be happy, when it is sorted out and i can get back into a routine.

I know! I was using the SNAP pump which was fantastic and very easy to read both in bright light and in the middle of the night without my glasses. They went out of business (I guess everyone knows about that) and the t-slim was my second choice but it was close. I disliked the Animas but I liked the t-slim and was about to order it when the SNAP offered a free trial. I liked it and stuck with it.

I just received my new t-slim and will be trained shortly. it is a very nice pump and seems easy to use. Probably the best on the market at this time.

The company is very easy to deal with as well!

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Good luck with your t-slim start, Jeff. It’s nice to have a few more choices in the market.

I like mine too, there are some bugs in the menu but nothing serious. It is easy to change basal rates and do dosing in any situation, even without my glasses I can see the screen pretty well most of the time, lol.