A major mind shift again!

So, some of you may remember how excited I have been with my Dexcom G6 with the Tandem IQ! And never fear, I still am in love with the system.
But here’s my mind shift. I am another clinical trial.it is for Medtronic CGM sensors. I will be wearing between 4-6 sensors for 11 days. Another groups has a wear timeframe of 15 days. But with a study, means blood testing. And this study is not just testing, itusome major testing! They are asking for at least 6 tests per day with results and times recorded. And than on three different days, I have to test every 15 minutes for 4 hours! This is for someone who hasn’t tested since before Christmas! My shocked face must have been classic when she told me how much testing I would be doing!
And yes, I know I don’t have to do it, but I said and I feel strongly that if I can help make things better for all of us PWD (people with diabetes), I will.
So I get the sensors in on the 24th. Thankfully this one will allow Victoza back into my program. And I guess I have to get back into the testing mode again.
Diabetes- it is always about change! And here I go again!


Thank you for doing this, @Sally7! One thing that might help you … survive all of the testing is to get several glucometer kits and put them … everywhere you may or may not be. Once we did this for my husband, it became a lot easier for him to test. Put them in the car (depending on weather - right now it is rather temperate here, but somehwere else it might be too cold or too hot, so take care of that with a cooler lunchbag of sorts), next to your desk area, next to your seat in the tv room, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, in the bathroom,… you get my point I’m sure! You can’t have too many!

Best of luck to you!

@Sally7 - Since you’re testing Medtronic CGM sensor(s), does this mean you have to ditch your Tandem pump and wear a Medtronic for the 11 days? Or do their (Medtronic) sensors talk with mobile phones / receivers?

Just curious …

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No! Thank goodness I can do what I usually do. Just wearing the sensors, testing and recording a lot! If I had to turn off my current system, I probably wouldn’t have done it. But I am in line for the Beta Bonic trial that will hopefully be happening soon. I would switch to give it a try!

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Yes,I also have other meters stashed around. But the problem with clinical trials is you have to use their equipment. And the meter is downloaded and there is always some kind of log, whether paper or tablet.

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sounds exciting!!

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Please share when you can! This could be the system that moves me from the DIY Loop to a commerciai system. Do you know if your participation will be part of a single hormone (insulin) system or the dual-hormone (insulin + glucagon) one?

I have been driving the team nuts about this trial. Every trialthey talk me into, I always say, you know which one I really want. And with all things dealing with the government and manufacturing, there are delays. The first trial here will be just insulin. And that’s cool in my mind. Because if the pump turns on and off, the times you might need glucagon are so much less. I mean with my current system I run less than 1% urgent low so it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. But I hope that I would be able to do both studies. With insulin only and than with insulin/glucagon. We live in such an exciting time in diabetes technology.