A new "smart scale" + app

Hello fine folks,

I came across a company/product called Easycarb and wanted to share it with the community here.

It’s a digital scale that sync up with an iPhone or Andriod app via bluetooth, which allows you to pick from a food database to calculate and log the nutritional info of your food. They’re looking for to get funding through Indiegogo. I think it could be a great tool and backed them myself. I’m not in any way connected to the company, though selfishly, I am hoping it gets funded. :wink:

Also, I asked via comment on the Indiegogo, and they confirmed that “The app will feature the option to log insulin boluses and blood glucose among other entries. We also aim to sync the app with other external devices (such as CGMs) in the future , although the first release of the app will probably not contain that function just yet.”

What do you all think?

Link to their site - http://www.easycarb.org/index.html
Link to the Indiegogo campaign - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/easycarb-app-scale-for-diabetics/x/11999390#/story


I saw this a couple of weeks ago - I love the idea!


It seems like a good idea in principle, but the use case for it seems a bit clunky… I mean, I think the only case where I’d see myself using this would be at home, however small the scale may be: just too much extra stuff to carry around. :smile:

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I’d buy something like this. I use a scale at home but also when travelling for work (I bring most of my own food), and also when I’m out and buy and apple or something to eat. I think I weigh my food more often than most, though. I use weight plus carbohydrate factors to find the exact carbohydrate count of what I’m eating, because I can never seem to accurately guess (probably because I’m visually impaired and find it hard to estimate a serving size just by looking at my plate).

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What is your source for carb factors?

You can calculate carbohydrate factors from any nutritional label or food database by dividing the number of carbohydates by the serving size (in grams). So if you have something that has 12 grams of carbohydrates for a 30 gram serving size, then 12 / 30 = 0.4 is the carbohydrate factor. In future, if you weigh that food as you put it on your plate, then you can calculate the exact carbohydrate count by multiplying whatever you’ve served by 0.4. If you’ve put 42 grams on the plate, then 42 * 0.4 = 16.8 = 17 grams of carbohydrates in what you’re about to eat.

It sounds complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it’s possible to put a plate on the scale and serve food as anyone else would (even multiple foods on the same plate, by using the tare function on the scale) and come up with exactly how many carbohydrates you’ll be consuming. I find it so much easier and more natural than trying to fumble with measuring cups or guessing. Also, you only have the one number to remember in connection with that food, rather than having to remember the serving size and the number of carbohydrates in that serving size.

Thanks. Yes, I’m familiar with how to calculate carb factors. There are foods without labels though, like apples, grapes, potatoes, and I don’t have a goto website, app or resource for that, so I was wondering if you had a recommendation. Here’s an example.

For foods without a label, I tend to use Calorie King (website or their phone app). I’m not sure if that’s the best database, though, it’s just the one I’ve used for the past 10 years or so.

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Calorie King doesn’t actually list the carbohdyrate factors, just the nutritional information, and I use that to calculate the factors. The link you provided is a nice list that people may find more helpful than calculating their own.

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Got it, thanks. I’ve tried so many apps/websites and I just can’t find one that consistently has everything I’m looking for. :confused:

Really? For me it would be worth throwing it in my backpack. As it is, when I travel I take this small scale with me

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I’m on my second EatSmart™ Nutrition Pro Scale…I use it every day even to weigh coffee. The nice thing about the EasyCarb is that it
totals up the carb count on your plate or in the bowl…the problem with most scales is they will only do one food item and then must be zeroed after each item.

I like it…:smile: only time will tell if it makes it to market…

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Hey John. Is this the one that you’re referring to? http://shop.eatsmartproducts.com/EatSmart-Digital-Nutrition-Scale-Professional/dp/B0013IDHTO

Yep…that the one

This is new in the market right now it’s called smart diet scale
Smartdietscale.com this was invented to help with diabetes there’s been many people who are diabetic absolutely love this product it’s iOS and android compatible there’s over 550,000 food choices and 106,000 restaurant items

I fund this spreadsheet several years ago. It’s a bit clunky but you can find anything using Excel’s find function. I have added the column highlighted in blue which gives the carb factor (g carbs per 100g)

GI_GL_Carb_data 1.xls (526 KB)