EatSmart Scale

I recently bought one of these marvelous scales (thank you, Gerri!!). With its built-in data base of common foods, it makes precise portion control a snap. Just put the item on the scale, key in the code, and it instantly tells you exactly how many carbs you are about to consume.

Had an appointment with my doc today and described the scale to him. He got downright excited and asked for the details. I gather he is going to tell his diabetic patients about this, which can't help but do a lot of people a lot of good.

This is yet another example of the good this community does and of how its tentacles spread. If I hadn't joined tuD, Gerri wouldn't have been able to turn me on to this terrific device, I wouldn't have been able to tell my doc about it, and he would not now be in a position to spread the word to his patients.

Oh, and btw . . . he was also very interested in tuD itself. I have a feeling he's going to spread the word about us, too.

What a magnificent resource this community is!

I just ordered one! Thanks for the suggestion.

You're welcome! Actually Gerri deserves most of the credit -- she's the one who told me about these. It's a HUGE time- and guesswork-saver. Hope you are happy with it; I'm thrilled with mine. Portion control is almost a no-brainer now.

Is this the $25 one or the more expensive one with the glass square top?

It's the one with the glass top. Sometimes you can find discounts, but figure on around $70. Not much for something you'll use the rest of your life.

What is the name of this sounds amazing

Hi Wendy,

It's called the EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale. Any web search should find it; here is one of many links chosen pretty much at random.

(Click here)

Hope you like it. It's made my life distinctly simpler.


How did I not know about this thing?! I'm getting one right away!

Thanks so much for sharing, David and Gerri :) Indeed, this community works wonders!


Manny has one -- in fact he has done a short video about it.