A nod to superlative customer service

Hey Folks --

Two days ago I checked my Dex receiver and saw that all lights were flashing. Odd -- I haven't seen that error before. I checked the manual, but no mention was made of an all-lights-flashing error, so I called support. The support person indicated a hardware failure, so she checked my account in seconds and saw that a replacement would be covered under warranty. She then told me one would be sent via FedEx that afternoon, along with another sensor for me since I had just put a new one on this past Sunday night (Nice!!).

The new Dex and sensor package arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning. I plugged it in and charged it up, then linked it to my transmitter, put a new sensor on, and then took note of the time -- approximately 2PM -- just 23 hours after I called them!

Now, that is pretty incredible customer service.


I find that to be typical with Dexcom...GREAT Customer Service! Good Luck and PEACE!