A personal triumph

I get quite down when I look at the scales and they don’t seem to be moving downwards and occasionally they jump back up for no visible reason. I am overall, creaping downwards, VERY slowly. However, this weekend gave me a big boost. We attended the wedding of one of my nephews. Held in a pretty hotel, where a number of members of the family gathered for the whole weekend. Beforehand, I had searched my wardrobe and found most things there, were too big for my lower half, so I took in a favourite pair of 3/4 length trousers, successully, and although still loose, they looked as nice as ever. I wore them to the ceremony with a sparkle top and knee high boots. The boots are special, natural suede with 3 inch wedges and appliques. Very glamourous!. This morning, as we were booking out of the hotel, I discovered that I can tuck my jeans into the boots to really show them off and make my legs look even longer. I’m fairly tall at 5 feet 7 inches. When one of my brothers in law commented that I’m looking very Svelte, I felt SO great. I managed to keep blood sugars down below 6 (108) the whole weekend too! in fact I only went over 5(90) this morning from my usual Dawn effect I even ate a SMALL piece of wedding cake.

Sound to me like you are doing great. There is nothing better than someone else noticing your hard work and letting you know that they noticed. Keep up the good work.


I can definitely relate. In my quest to loose weight (45 pounds so far) I have received numerous compliments on my “new” appearance. These comments were a great encouragement to me. Keep up the good work.


Good Job! It is really rewarding when others notice our acheivements!