A Pleasant Surprise (or: should I always have doughnuts for breakfast?)

This morning, my son’s day-care decided to provide doughnuts for kids and their fathers to share in honor of Father’s Day. Always wanting to spend time with my son, and against by better diabetes judgement, I participated.

So, at 8:02am, I bolused for 25 carbs and had a half a doughnut (frosted and with sprinkles, but I took the one that seemed to have six less sprikles than the others!). I skipped the orange juice and opted for water.

Then, knowing that pure sugar is awful for me, especially first thing in the morning, I stopped at Burger King for a sausage-egg-and-cheese muffin and a small coffee. Bolused for another 20 carbs. Then I went to work.

I expected my blood sugar to be as crazy as ever. But, surprise! My blood sugar has been great ever since! Much better than any other typical morning! Just tested at 104. My CGM shows as close to a “flatline” as ever.

What’s going on? Should doughnuts and Burger King become part of my regular everyday breakfast?!?

I almost never eat junk food (actually I haven’t tried much of it so far) but if it is such a piece of cake to bolus for it, I should try it! :slight_smile: (just kidding, I’ve read enough posts about pizza and donut bolusing to know it’s not always that easy :-))

Now you know you can eat that stuff sometimes. I wouldn’t make a habit of it, though.

Glad it worked out so well for you.

That’s great. For me, my BG would have went straight to 275 and sat there for 3 hours until dropping straight to 55 between hours 3 and 4.

Under most circumstances, so would mine.

Good day for a good Father…:slight_smile: How nice it is for you to have one of these days.

I think the key thing is that you only had half a donut. That’s a pretty sensible serving size. Shows you can have your (very small portion of) cake AND eat it too.

I eat all the donuts I want - but my serving size is 1/4 of a plain donut. Only 5.5g carb. But the nearest decent donut is 45 minutes away by train so I don’t have it very often.

Well, the reason I only had half a doughnut, honestly, was because they were already cut in half (makes them last longer, and more appropriately sized for 2-5 year old kids). If they weren’t already served that way, I don’t know that I’d have had the willpower to stop at half myself!

I just went out to a birthday party and got back after having two small servings of cake and only eating half of my dinner and still I am up in the 200s, I guess you’re just one of the lucky ones. Happy Fathers Day.

One of the lucky ones? Hardly; what you (and Jim, below) describe is pretty typical for me. I just was lucky this one time.

Were you standing up? Carbs don’t count if you’re standing up.

(Sorry! Old dieters joke…)

Well, sometimes the gods of good fortune smile down on you – file it in your good memories bank, and look back at it every once in a while – it may never happen again, LOL!!

It would be a lot better to have had the doughnut hole, rather than even a half doughnut! Ha-ha. However, I will indulge myself with a doughnut, as long as it is just a PLAIN, un-frosted, cake doughnut. I don’t care for the big, glazed, bread doughnuts. I have been lucky enough to not to be into sugary stuff, but I do fall off the wagon, when it comes to salty things, like pretzels! Go figure…

But I did eat the doughnut hole. Four of them, actually! I do eat pretzels somewhat often though, I don’t consider them to be included in the “bad stuff” category.

I think perhaps it was the six sprinkles :slight_smile:

My bloodsugars hold up pretty well with doughnuts and egg and sausage mcmuffin, I think it is all the fat, but…bloodsugars stay steady but waistline does not.

Mmmmm. Donuts! :slight_smile: