A Richard Wahl email scam has shown up

Beware of this email scam. He won a lottery several years ago and his name is again being picked up by scammers “wanting to send you some money.” NOT!

Anyone who’s believes that someone, anyone, a lottery winner or some prince in the Middle East, or some millionaire business man wants to give you money, then you will likely get scammed at some point.
No one gives away money for no reason, and you sending in money to get more money, just couldn’t be anything but a scam.
I’ve never met anyone who has fallen for one of these scams but I really want to.
Even my 80 year old mother who has memory issues doesn’t even think twice about these things.

I used to work with a different Rick Wahl, not the one that won the lottery, or the scammer one !!

Oh no you are wrong. He agreed to send me 200K when he gets home. i sent him the $25K just like he needed.

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Actually, someone did pay my (and three other’s) real estate taxes ahead last year. Never found out who. But they didn’t ask for money.

But then my grandson Michael called asking to be bailed out of jail because he had been in a car accident. Trouble is that of my 7 grandsons, not one is named Michael. I figured he could stay in jail. :smirk:

Someone has been calling my grandmother claiming to be her oldest granddaughter (me) calling for bail money from jail. Unluckily for them I’m the least likely grandchild to end up in jail out of the whole bunch :joy: very grateful my grandma falling for that trick isn’t on my list of things to worry about.

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I periodically get a call telling me that they want to enroll me in a student loan forgiveness program, and that they just need some additional details to get that started. I might have considered it if I hadn’t paid those loans off a few years ago…

A little bit of fun:

I was selling some a high-quality desk on Craigslist after I moved in with my spouse, for a few hundred dollars, understanding that people would low-ball me, but then came upon the Nigerian scam. The perp loved the desk, wanted to buy it. Then the next email - at this point it was obvious - wanted to have it picked up, but wanted to send me a $2000 check, allow me to keep an extra $200 for the inconvenience on top of the price of $400, but send $1400 back.

Well, at this point, most people just stop, but I decided to play along and even got a $2000 check, although with the wrong name. I waited a few days, and then he wrote a belligerent email asking for his money, to which I said he needed to send another check with the right name, so I could cash it. At this point, he’s too irate to bother…

Kept the check for a few months, maybe a year, just as a reminder.

Obviously not the most creative, but this TED video is both brilliant and hilarious:

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Don’t forget the guy who calls me and tells me that they will suspend my social security number if I don’t pay $2000 immediately.

I tell them. Please do. I would just love for you to suspend my social security number because then I can’t pay social security taxes.

One thing a government will never do is make it more difficult to pay tax.