Foot Numbness

I have a question that I believe is related to my neuropathy. The other day after taking a nap. I got up and noticed that my big toenail on my right foot looked funny. when I reached down to feel it I realized that the cuticle side of the nail was no longer attached. Actually most of the nail was completely detached from the nail bed. I was able to pull off the nail with very little to no pain as only the two corners at the front of the nail seemed to be attached or in grown. As I do not remember stubbing my toe or dropping anything heavy on it I do not know why it became detached. My question is can the neuropathy be that bad that I would not feel pain? which is funny since I constantly experience sharp pains when I run out of meds (lyrica) and the occasional stabbing pain when I am on the meds. I have never had a moment of total numbness that I know of. I have been keeping the nail bed clean and applying antibiotic ointment to keep infection away.

On the upside the pain that I had from the ingrown toenail is gone. As a matter a fact that foot feels better than it has in a long time.

Yes, when Neuropathy is bad enough you will feel no pain; that's why so many people get sores they are unaware of that get so bad it leads to amputation. Several years ago I had a podiatrist tell me that toe nail problems are a leading cause of problems for diabetics.

Like you I have pain...burning my feet and legs and the bottoms of my feet are very sensitive but, I have numbness from neuropathy up to my knees and have my hubby check my feet and legs every week...especially after I have shaved my legs; I cut myself a few weeks ago and never knew it.

I am taking Neurotin for the nerve oain and it has helped so much, so please don't think you have to suffer with the severe pain, but I would encourage you to see your regular doctor or a podiatrist about your feet as ingrown toenail or other issues can lead to major problems. Check your feet often...pain is the body's way of telling us there is a problem but if you can't feel the pain you don't know there is a problem.

Take care and I hope this helped a little.

After I was diagnosed as a type 2 and got my blood sugar down, I had terrible pain in the calves of my legs mostly in the wee hours of the morning. My endo put me on Neurotin. Then I read that exercise was a good way to eliminate the pain. I also read that you could keep your blood sugar close to normal by watching the carbs and walking after every meal. I was able to stop taking neurotin and also pills to lower my blood glucose. I am no longer able to exercise, so asked to be put on insulin. I have never had anymore pain in my legs, but the bottoms of my feet feel like card board and I don't have a lot of feeling in the tops of my feet. I assume this is still neuropathy, but why no more pain?