World Diabetes Day - Raising awareness - copy of letter sent to my doctors and educators

I placed postcards and flyers about into the envelope with the following letter.

October 13, 2010

To My Medical Team

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding Self-Management of my Type 2 Diabetes.

I wanted to fill you in briefly. I am feeling well and enjoying a 35 plus pound weight loss. I aim to lose at least 30 more in coming year.

My latest A1C is 6.1. I will get a copy of the blood work and forward it to you if you would like.

I have a suggestion for improving the education program for your diabetic patients. In my research, I came across a wonderful educational website and have taken the liberty to enclose some brochures for you to pass on to patients. I have committed to spread the word about this free tool and wanted to pass info along hoping you will look into it and spread the word. The site is invaluable in community, blogs, information and generally a very supportive environment. I have written a blog and taken the liberty to enclose a copy to toot my own horn.

I trust this finds you well; I look forward to hearing from you again and hope that you find the website useful for your patients.

Yours faithfully,

The website is

@milefan not to worry. Sharing the word happen any day of the year. :smiley:
@catlover- thanks for the headsup! Thankfully the postcards and flyers have the correct web site on them.
@judith- you are welcome and by all means, feel free to use as a template
Thank you all for taking time to read this. I hope that the medical folks will share the information with others.

Good for you!!!

Thanks Doris : )

if anyone types it gets automatically redirected to so don’t worry, keep passing out the cards. good job! I also keep stacks with me at all times.

@Marie B - ; ) – Thanks! xo