A trip to the dietican

Well, once a month, whether I need it or not, I check in with my dietican who is also my CDE. We review my meals, my daily bs’ and any problems I might be having or how things are going. This time I wanted to get some help with meals… I know the 3/3 method three meals, three snacks. And it usually works for me, but lately it hasn’t been working, and I am only getting 2 meals (or what could be considered meals) and 3 snacks in. So we changed things around a little to make it work, to 2 meals and four snacks with one snack being 30 g of carbs rather than 15…so far so good. I can get those things in on my schedule and was glad to hear that adjustments can be made for individuality. My sugars are doing well on the new plan, and I am happier about not feeling like I am short changing myself. Now if scheduling exercise was only as easy.

Scheduling exercise for me is the hardest thing about having type 2 diabetes. It’s hard to do 3 to 5 days a week and my Dr likes it to be 5. I have really been trying to get it in through the holidays which is even harder. All I know is it is the one thing I give to myself and the one thing I know that if I don’t do I end up feeling like I wish I did.

Good luck!!

So glad to hear that others find it a hard thing to work into their day too. But we both know that it’s key to being as healthy as we can be. DARN IT! Thanks for the support.

Good for you! I always appreciate examples of how working with a health care professional to customize a meal plan can work FOR you, not against you. Good wishes for getting in exercise (that’s a challenge for me too).