A whole page in the newspaper....WOW!

The Nanaimo Bulletin Newspaper here in BC went all out, giving me and diabetes a whole page in todays paper under the name “A healthy Example.” This is really outstanding and we got several diabetics asking me for the websites of diabetes support groups.
For us this is really an event. Sorry to talk so much about it but to us it is special.



here is the article about Johnben


good job!

WOW! How exciting for you and Johanna. :slight_smile: Wonderful article and photo John. I didn’t realize only 4000 medals have been given out so far. At least the number is climbing, of People surviving this disease longer. Good for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Thank you for adding the link Marie.

Thank you ALL.


I added this to JB’s other/similar post:

" What I did find in the " de krant" of February 2011, page 15 is a Valentine/Love story, written by Johanna :slight_smile: …and now I know, how Johanna met John and in April 2011 they will celebrate their 60 th wedding anniversary …good stuff !! "
PS de krant is a paper for people of Dutch decent , living in Canada/USA

Congratulation John and to your wife! Wonderful article! Keep talking about it and be proud!!! You two deserve it!

Thanks to you all!


Great news!! I need to follow your example!!!