Newspaper story about our medal re;50 yrs diabetes. (Link)

It will be there on Sat.12 Feb. under senior section.


JB , can you help , please …I can’t seem to find the " Senior Section " of the paper ??

What I did find in the " de krant" of February 2011, page 15 is a Valentine/Love story, written by Johanna :slight_smile: …and now I know, how Johanna met John and in April 2011 they will celebrate their 60 th wedding anniversary …good stuff !!

Danny , you clever guy …thanks !!
I will forward this to my CDA contacts in Kelowna , Vancouver and Nanaimo and …indeed inspiring :slight_smile:

Nel this makes it easy. Click on the following.

Or see Danny.They are the same but this one cannot be found???


JB …I don’t know, if this actually works, but you may want to file the link elsewhere BEFORE the paper decides to make it unavailable for viewers.