Great A1c

I am T2 on insulin(Humalog at mealtime and Lantus at bedtime), symlin and metformin. My last A1C 3 months ago was 8.8! After a stern talking to from my endo, I made a change in my eating, testing and logging sugars. I bought a nice journal to write down all my numbers and what I eat. It may sound simple but for me it works! I try to stay around 30 carbs per meal. Yesterday was my 3 month check, ,my first visit since the change. I have lost 26 pounds and my A1c hAS gone down to 5.7!! My endo was so very happy with me. It has changed the amount of insulin at meals I need, going for 20-30 units of Humalog to 5-10. Just keeping track has made such a positive change for me. I just wanted to share.

Way to go!

WOW! That's fantastic. Keep up the hard work. Feels good to get such positive results doesn't it>

That is excellent! That is an amazing change in 3 months.

Congratulations, mom2jnr! You should be rightfully proud!